368. Blog extra: Up late

This is another post from grandson Bryce. It’s been nice to have my grandma back the last bit instead of being consumed by the blog. Now grama, Matt and I are able to catch up and watch (grama has the special ability to watch through closed eyelids much of the time) shows and movies that were missed over the last year.

I have had a lot of editing to do recently as wedding season winds down, so I have been bringing my laptop to the house to edit while listening to whatever is on the TV.

2 nights ago, grama informed me at 3AM, that she should probably get some sleep, and that in a few days she would be able to stay up late. I think I have the only grama that does not count 3AM as late. I even count that as late. How old am I getting? She is eighty? Pshhh… she’s got way too young of an attitude, I think she says she’s eighty so she can get the senior discount when we go to the movies.

OK, now I have to go edit some more…

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One Response to 368. Blog extra: Up late

  1. Linda Atkinson says:

    Very CUTE, Bryce!
    I hope you are sleeping now!
    xoxoxoxo Linda

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