367. Lawyer Lady

Today is my great niece Elizabeth (Fitzpatrick) Bush’s birthday but I got mixed up and blobbed about it yesterday on Blob 367.  Now that I’m 80, they say it’s okay to be confused (in my case,however, confusion was a congenital defect.)

Yesterday was really my niece Elizabeth (Gorman) Brown’s birthday, so I’m going to blob about it today. Here goes.

 Have no doubt about it.  Operating out of Yuma and Surprise, Arizona is Superwoman herself.

Yesterday – September 13th – was the 42nd birthday in earth years of my niece Elizabeth Margaret (Gorman) Brown.  I’m pretty sure she’s an extra-terrestrial.    No earthling could match her herculean performance in life. 

Elizabeth started out on earth as the youngest of three children of my brother Leo and my sister-in-law Peggy (Althouse) Gorman. Her siblings are my nephew Michael Gorman and my niece Leanne (Gorman) Dudas.

It didn’t take long for the family to find out they had a powerhouse on their hands. The only thing that kid ever failed to do was to figure out how to fail.

As soon as she graduated from high school and college, Elizabeth undertook the financing of her further schooling and career by successfully buying and selling real estate. In her spare time during this stage of her career, she learned to fluently read and write in Russian.

Elizabeth’s first real job after college was one nobody believes.  Thanks to her fluency in Russian, Elizabeth claims she was “selling kerosene” to the citizens of some troubled country like Turkmenistan.  A likely story.  Nobody believed it for a minute. The only role Elizabeth possibly could have been playing in that hotbed of anarchy and chaos was that of a CIA agent.  She will deny this, of course.

While she was there, consorting with officials in the American embassy, she met and later married a handsome U.S. military defense attache in Armenia named Bob Brown.  His previous work was in counter-intelligence. He was probably a CIA agent too.

Once they got married and settled down in Arizona, these are just some of the activities I know Beth has been involved in:




1. She and Bob bought a large graceful home in Surprise, Arizona, and they are developing it into a really gorgeous property.

2.  While she was pregnant with their first child, Virginia, Beth went to school and earned a CPA in accounting.

3.  While still nursing Virginia, she launched herself into law school and seemingly in no time at all, earned her law degree.

4.  By the time she became pregnant with their second child – their son William – she got hired as a prosecuting attorney in Phoenix.

6.  In their “idle time” during this period, Beth and Bob created and operated a creative nursery school on their property for Virginia and five or six other pre-schoolers.

7.  It was during this time that Beth became pregnant with their third child Zachary. To avoid any dull moment which might have dared to occur, the family packed up and moved to temporary housing in Yuma, Arizona where Beth could work as for the Attorney General as an attorney for Child Protective Services.

Beth’s mother, Peggy Gorman, told me, “She spends a lot of time in court and has to travel periodically to La Paz county also. As an example, today she has some hearings in La Paz this morning and then has to rush back, nurse baby Zack— and then has hearings in Yuma this afternoon.” 

I’ll try to find out if between tasks, Beth has to find time to run into a phone booth in order to change into or out of of her Superwoman outfit.  

Beth’s husband Bob is retired from military life, but meanwhile he has his hands full, too, tending to Virginia, now in second grade, Bill who’s in preschool, and Baby Zack who apparently spends a good part of his day smiling at any and all of the commotion.  Bob is probably wondering what retirement is really like.  Fortunately, Peggy tells me that Virginia is a big help with her new baby brother.

The five Browns are an intriguing and interesting family.  I hope you get to meet and spend time with them some day.  Be prepared for a lot of productive activity in their household.

In the meantime, Elizabeth, I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. And I hope you all get to move back to your beautiful home soon. Fortunately, there aren’t so many tall buildings in Surprise, Arizona that need to be leaped  over with a single bound.

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