358. Bow-wow-WOW!

Here’s one more family dog story to add to my collection. It came from my niece Rene’ (Fitzpatrick) Melchior.

This is Carmel. She came to us about 2 years ago. 

One afternoon, I was driving away from therapy with my three small ones in the car. I had just discussed texture issues that the twins were having during the therapy sessions. 

There happened to be a lady set up on the corner of the parking lot we were pulling out of. She had a sign set up that said, “AKC Dogs and Puppies for Sale”. Well, that would be interesting, and maybe we could involve some of the texture issues that we were having. It sounded like a good excuse at the time.

There were several dogs to see, and I asked why she had such a variety to let go. Due to the economy she needed to downsize her kennel. The children were looking from the car, and seemed very interested. Josiah (shown on the right) couldn’t sit still in his car-seat. He absolutely wanted to get hold of one of the dogs. 

Carmel was sitting in her kennel in the back end of the mini van looking at us with HUGE eyes. She was very sad. As I spoke to the woman, she began to ask about the kids. 

We discovered that she had a close friend that also did foster care and she admired that in her friend. We also found out that she also had twins.  Somewhere in the conversation we discussed where we worked and exchanged numbers. After a lot of petting, licking, whining (human, and canine), we said our goodbyes, and drove away. 

After a while I heard a small voice from the back seat saying, “Can we take Carmel home with us?” To be honest I was feeling a little that way myself.

Now if you knew my husband, you would understand why we had to leave without her. We already had a golden retriever at home. That would be enough for my husband. He loves animals, but he likes to be spontaneous about getting up and walking out the door to go to the Zoo, park, camping, et., and the dogs put a little kink into the plan. There’s the whole pottying,& feeding thing and not all places are pet friendly. So on home we go. 

The next morning I called my new friend. I figured that Carmel had gotten a new home rather quickly. Come to find out, Carmel is small for her size when it comes to Shitzus. She seemed fine to me. I guess she was the runt. Anyway we met again later, and I had the kids with me again. (I always do. This is BaLee and JoLee on the right.) Seems after a long day on the corner with the dogs and time to ponder, this nice lady decided to GIVE Carmel to us. Now I was in a pickle !!

Dan didn’t want another dog, and I had to figure out how to handle this gift. I had a brainstorm. My daughter Meg (shown on left) was looking for a small dog, maybe it would be a good fit for her, and we could still have the benefit of being close to Carmel. 

When Carmel came to us that day things were a little hectic. I had my three little ones (below on left), and Meg had her two little ones (below right), so we could all meet Carmel together. As fortune would have it, as soon as Carmel hit the ground with all fours, my two girls with there on all fours and started screaming like banshees, and doing a dance and Josiah was on the floor in Carmel’s face trying to play with her. To say the least, Carmel was a little overwhelmed. After some cooing and coaxing all around things settled down a little bit. Meg eventually decided that with a 4 year old and a newborn, a dog at that point might not be a good idea. So now it was up to me. 

Well I guess it goes without saying, I’m a sucker for a pretty dog. After my new friend left, Carmel began to wail in dismay and wouldn’t be soothed. The next thing I know the door was open a crack and out she went to find the car that had left her behind. 

What she did find was some deep grass that she could hide in.  When I found her she looked like an Ewok, peeking through the tall grass at me. Come to find out she had run through the front door of someone’s house straight through to the back door, before I found her. I think she was happy to just let me carry her around for a couple of hours. After that it was love, and she followed me everywhere. 

Now Dan can be a sucker also, but only for my pout. I don’t like to use it much, it’s dangerous. We went to Fall Creek Falls with her and the kids, and she hiked the whole three miles straight down with the kids and three miles straight back up with the kids. She is a tough cookie. 

Now days she is holding court from her position on the back of the couch. From there she can see what is going on in most of the house. She looks like a cat sitting up there. If she isn’t there she can be found on my bed, or Josiah’s bed. Josiah is always delighted to see when she chooses him to sleep with – he considers it an honor.  Well, that’s Carmel in a nutshell.

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