355. Joshua’s Baby Great Dane

(Quick update on son Matthew:  Matt is stabilizing rapidly and he slept 9 hours yesterday.  That’s an important marker that always signifies to me that the worst is over!)

Continuing my “dog collection”, this is from my niece Rene’ (Fitzpatrick) Melchior.  The first dog she’s writing about isn’t really hers – she and husband Dan & kids were just dog-sitting for a week for my great-nephew Joshua. 

“This is to say Hello and Goodbye to Fezzik, the blue eyed, silver merle Great Dane. We said hello to Fezzik last Sat. Aug. 12. He came home to our house to stay until his owner Joshua left for school today on Monday, Aug. 22.

Fezzik is named after a character in one of the Melchior “cult” movie. One of our favorites is ” The Princess Bride” In that movie Andre the Giant played Fezzik, a mild mannered character that believed in fair play. 

Fezzik came from a father that stands a little over 7 feet on his hind legs, and has a barrel of a chest. The father was a harlequin and the mother was black. At the time Joshua left for school this morning Fezzik had doubled his weight over the week that he stayed with us. 

He is the sweetest little boy dog we’ve had at the house in a long time. When he suffered this week with hiccups so much, Joshua called the breeder back to check on what that meant. He was told that that meant that he was growing fast. WOW. Can’t wait to see his growth by next weekend. 

In the picture with the measuring stick, he comes in at 10 inches at the shoulder. We shall see what next week brings. I wish that the blog would go on so that we could share Fezzik’s growth with you this year.”

We have one more Great Dane in the family, Rene’.  My granddaughter Arden Tenjou (Gwen Taylor) has a spectacular Great Dane of a similar mix to Fezzik’s.  Her name is Lenore. Instead of “Great Dane”, Lenore should be referred to as a “Great Lady”.  If Arden doesn’t chime in and tell you about her, I’ll do it.  What a dog!

Now, maybe Rene’ will explain how Joshua can be living away at school with his giant puppy.  How long can we expect it will be before he gets evicted?

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