352. Teresa and Eric’s 27th Anniversary

Note: Daughter Gretchen and I just came home from visiting with son Matthew at Harborview Hospital, and I’m so happy to tell you that he’s stabilizing. I believe that my “daughter-in-law-once-removed” Linda Atkinson is right.  Please read her  comments on this week’s earlier blobs.

For tonight’s blob I wanted to talk about my daughter Teresa Ford’s wedding to Eric Opsvig. I certainly wanted to, but bed-ie-bye kept demanding attention.   

The reason so many Seattle weddings are scheduled in August is because it’s our best month weather-wise.  Not this year, of course, or last year, God knows, but usually. 

The 1984 year of daughter Teresa’s August 24th wedding to Eric couldn’t have been more beautiful.  As my nephew-in-law Mark Milner would say, “Really, I’m not kidding.”  It really was a knock-out gorgeous day.

And so was everything the marriage has produced so far.

It’s too late tonight to give you the real lowdown on this extraordinary family, but I’ll give you the details when life calm down here soon. Promise!

In the meantime, please catch a look at the beautiful harvest Teresa and Eric’s 27th reunion have reaped!

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One Response to 352. Teresa and Eric’s 27th Anniversary

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Beautiful family! 27 wonderful, full, fun years with all those award winning Irish dancers!

    What great news about Matt and that Pat is taking care of herself. When it is right, we will love hearing about the Opsvigs and can definitely wait.

    Happy, Happy Anniversary Teresa and Eric!

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