350. A Word from Bryce

The nurse says my son Matthew is doing well.  Just knowing he’s safe is a tremendous relief. Please continue to pray for him. As friend Linda Atkinson, suggested, angels must have surrounded and are protecting him.

As you know, the “founder” of this blog is my grandson Bryce.  Due, perhaps, to his overwhelming sense of guilt at stranding Octo-woman to fumble her way through each posting – he volunteered to write today’s blob.

So here he is – the one, the only, Bryce Covey. 

“Hi there, it’s grandson Bryce, the one responsible for getting this young lady into this blogging thing! 

We were having dinner on her 79th birthday and she said she wanted to do something every day until she was eighty. She said she was considering making a quilt and making a patch for it every day. I said that, instead, she should do a blog post each day about all the great stories she has. And lo and behold, here it is! Not many grandmas blogging, let alone that can even operate a computer. And she and my Aunt Susy have a video business to boot. Not too shabby. I decided I would take some of the load tonight and do a post about my grandma. So here we go:

My earliest memory with grandma was one day when I was young spending the night next door at grandma and grampa’s house. It was a cousin sleepover, likely all of us on the waterbed. I couldn’t sleep and so I got up at an hour that seemed really late to me, likely midnight or something thereabouts (early for grandma), and I went downstairs. 

I have no idea of the dialogue that transpired, but I do know that it resulted in sitting in grandma’s lap watching an episode of Superman in black and white while drinking a glass of warm milk. I went safely to sleep after that knowing that I had my own superwoman looking after me.

The reasons why I remember this so clearly are:

…Being up late was just so cool, and I got to be up late and watch TV.

…Watching black and white TV seemed like I was watching the past, and meant that we were watching cable, which I did not have at my house next door.

…It was the first time I had ever heard of warm milk and I remember that seeming very kooky to me, until I drank it of course, and now it is my choice drink at Starbucks (I don’t drink coffee).

…Being up late alone with grandma while all the other cousins slept was special.

Thanks to my amazing grandma! Hmmmmm… maybe this is the reason I like film so much and am a night owl. It IS contagious!”

Thank you for your kind words, Bryce, and for playing down all the bad habits I have corrupted you with.  To repay you, I’ll try not to mention all the movies and TV to which you have addicted Matthew and me. I’m really much too young and impressionable to have to be accessing a glossary for the meaning of such colorful four-letter words as those contained on “The Wire”, for instance.

And, by the way, when are we going to watch the whole series again?

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2 Responses to 350. A Word from Bryce

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Bryce, a million thank yous for suggesting these blogs. It has been the perfect canvas for her to express so many charming and endearing stories of love and showing her inner beauty and wonderful sense of humor. .I think many of us who know her well, feel as if we, too, have been tenderly cared for over the years, like your warm milk experience. And those who had not known her as well, do now through these blogs.
    Our prayers embrace both Matt and Pat with peace and love. It was good to hear the positive report from the nurse.

  2. Sherry Evard says:

    Tears to my eyes. How sweet it is to make a memory with a grandchild. Enjoyed reading Bryce’s account of a memorable time with a special lady. And how wonderful to know that these blogs come as a result of a grandchild’s inspiration.

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