Eli Lilly, the Hangman’s Company

This is one of my son Matthew’ ongoing prescriptions, just picked up today.  It’s called Zyprexa.  It’s supposed to be an “anti-psychotic” medicine.

It’s produced by the Eli Lilly Company, the same pharmaceutical company who produces protamine sulfate, the drug that killed my husband Gene in 2005.

Matthew has taken Zyprexa daily since 2004 when he was no longer able to continue taking Lithium – the only drug that ever proved effective in treating his bipolar disorder.

Since 2004, Zyprexa has been prescribed to Matthew in varying dosages from 10 to 20 mg. in an ineffectual effort to contain his manic episodes. He is currently on 20 mg. in what may be a futile effort to avoid yet another hospital stay. Zyprexa’s side-effects on his neurological system have been horrific. 

The most notable things about Matthew’s use of Zyprexa are these:

1. Zyprexa’s use to Matthew has been worthless.  His manic episodes have worsened in frequency, severity, and length since he began taking it in 2004.  And I fear that Zyprexa’s final side-effects will prove as disastrous to his neurology as Eli Lilly’s protamine sulfate’s were to his father’s life.

2.  Zyprexa’s price is beyond belief.  This bottle you’re looking at here cost $1,158.85.  It contains 30 pills, to be taken once daily.  The price of each pill is $38.63 each. The cost of each pill was provided through Medicare. The actual cost of manufacturing the pill was probably miniscule. Perhaps a penny? These are your tax dollars at work! (During the 40 years Matthew took Lithium – his only effective drug –  a month’s supply used to cost less than 20 dollars. 

3.  The Eli Lilly Company continues to bask in profit, in spite of the $3.3 billion dollars in legal retribution they have already had to pay due to the irresponsible use of the Zyprexa drug alone.

When I read about Congress’s proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, I am dumbfounded that the mind-boggling greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical companies is never even considered as a possible way to contain and regulate these staggering costs.

As far as I’m concerned, none of the drug cartels are any less to be respected than the Eli Lilly company. At least, the drug lords don’t pretend to be effective for anything more therapeutic than getting high, which I sincerely wish I could do right now. 

That’s all. I’m not having a good day. Neither is Matthew.  But please stick around for tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Eli Lilly, the Hangman’s Company

  1. Denise (Fitz) says:

    We’re continuing to pray for you both as you walk this path.

  2. Chris says:

    Wish we were there, if for nothing more than a hug. You are in our thoughts. Much love to you all.

    • don ford says:

      Looks like Matt may have some of sxame allergy as Gene – about all we can do is pray and I have sent to my family with that info./ Hope its better in Sept……Don

  3. Sherry says:

    Just now got around to reading this. Along with you, I am so angry.

    SInce recent news about some “breakthrough” in ALS research, I have come across further evidence about the dangers of vaccines which to varying degrees contain Retroviruses transmitted by the mediums used to make them–chicken embryos, etc. Researchers at drug companies are apparently fully aware of this but don’t want their profits threatened by this alarming information.

    Thank you Pat for keeping us informed about what your experience with the adverse affects of drugs on your loved ones has painfully brought to your attention.

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