343. Tinkle Toes

Here’s the next dog story to make it into my Inbox.  This one is from daughter Susy Warden – the one who was featured as “Pet of the Year” by my son-in-law Curt a couple of days ago.  Today, Susy wants to tell you about his OTHER pet – Molly.

“A Princess in Disguise”

“Here is a REAL pet story about Molly. I read Curt’s Pet story and laughed so hard about me being his “pet”. But I thought you might want to use some of Molly’s story with it because she is so special to him, too.

Years ago, when my daughter Josie and I were doing agility together with our dogs. Rodeo and Sarge, Curt mentioned that he might enjoy getting a cocker spaniel, too. Oh, we were excited for him. I thought we should go back to Rodeo’s dog breeder but Curt insisted on rescuing a dog for his special friend.

We spent weeks searching Pet Finder. I kept seeing Molly’s bedraggled photo coming up with her stringy messy hair and drooping eyes, but I wanted Curt to get a PRETTY cocker.

One day, at the Eastside Humane Society, I spotted a really cute brown and white, fluffy, chubby cocker that looked a lot like Rodeo. I got Curt to come with me to take a look at him but to our dismay another family was there to visit him and they decided to adopt him.

The worker suggested we take a look at a different cocker spaniel that was at the center with some special needs. She said this dog was in pretty bad shape with matted ears, ear and eye infections and knee caps sliding off both back legs and was skinny with a poor coat.

Alas, it was poor little nervous Molly looking for a permanent home. She was so upset when we visited with her she could barely look at us. But she really, really wanted a home and Curt WOULD be the perfect friend for her.

From the moment we walked into our house she has never left his side. If Curt is at home she is in his lap. And she is the happiest dog in our home. All she really wanted was a safe place to live and a special person to call her own. Best of all, those annoying medical issues went away with good food and better care.

Hooray to Curt for rescuing Molly –  a princess in disguise!”

Okay, that’s Susy’s side of the story. Amazing. For another, more unvarnished expose’ about Molly, I refer you back to my previous Blob about Molly.

After you digest it, you may join me in figuring that instead of “Molly”, Curt shoulda named her “Little Miss Bo-Pee-Pee”.

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One Response to 343. Tinkle Toes

  1. NayRay says:

    Abeauty in disguise!

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