341. Be Kind to Lefties Day

Today is National Left-handers Day, so it’s only fair to show off the left-handers I know.

If you happen to be one of those non-conformists yourself, please leave a comment saying so, so I can add you to my list.  I have an obsession for collecting vital information like that. I’m sure it’ll be worth money someday. 

These are the left-handers in my immediate life – that I can think of, at least.

First of all, there’s God.  If Jesus keeps sitting on His right hand all the time, He must be left-handed by necessity.

Next, there’s my brother Leo Gorman, my niece Christy Ford, and my granddaughter Josie Warden.

 Both of my sons Mark and Matthew were also born as lefties.

Just read Denise’s comment and learned of another family maverick I can add to my collection – my pretty niece, Josie Fortune.  Note that in this photo, we even get a glimpse of that talented left hand. 



And one more added today 8/16/11.  This is four-year-old BaLee Melchior.  Her twin sister JoLee is right-handed making them the perfect “Ying Yang” pair.   



Now who am I leaving out?

In case you never had a chance to memorize this, here’s a list of American presidents who were (are) left-handed.

Left-Handed U.S. Presidents

James A. Garfield 
Herbert Hoover 
Harry S. Truman
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama

And here’s a few more famous lefties.

So please consider today to be Be Kind to Lefties day.  Otherwise they don’t get no respect.  At least smile at them sweetly and shake their hands.  With your left hand, of course. Just to be tactful. Be polite. It’s not their fault they stand out from the crowd.

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3 Responses to 341. Be Kind to Lefties Day

  1. Denise (Fitz) says:

    Josie Fortune is a left-hander. 🙂

  2. Josie says:

    I’ve always felt very discriminated against as a left-handed person, especially in elementary school when there were no left-handed scissors.

  3. NayRay says:

    Hey you lefty’s, I’m a lefty too!!!
    BaLee Melchior !!

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