331. Heather Weather

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But, I digress.  Here’s today’s blob:

Contrary to popular opinion, whether blondes have more fun is directly dependent on their workload.

This is my great-niece Heather (Milner) Roecker.  Today’s her birthday. She was born August 3, 1974.

In her past lives, some of Heather’s main and paid activities included dancing, cheerleading, public relations, and motherhood – all requiring wall-to-wall energy, charisma, and stamina.  She needed all that for the months she just survived.

Since last year, she and her husband Dan, and their little persons – Jake and Ruby – experienced the following:

1.  A job promotion for Dan, requiring the family’s move to Portland, Oregon,

2.  A trip to Portland to study the housing scene,

3.  Finding and negotiating the purchase price of a new house in Portland,

4.  Packing up all their worldly belongings,

5.  Traveling to Portland.

6.  Taking possession of their new house.

7.  Unpacking!

8.  Getting used to their new digs.

I know the move will be worth it – at least for those of us here in Seattle — we hope we’ll see more of Heather and her family now. 

I also know that if anybody can weather hard work, it’s Heather.  And she smiles while she’s doing it! Maybe blondes really DO have more fun.

Happy birthday, pretty girl.  Hang in there.  The next thing you know, Jake and Ruby will be looking after YOU.

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