330. “TT Dearest” and “Tom Darling”

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We have two birthdays today you should know about. Both are for are 18 year-old second cousins who have never met each other.

First is my great-nephew Thomas Paul Fitzpatrick, son of my nephew Jeff and Carrie Fitzpatrick. He was a HUGE basketball star at his high school, but due to my not noticing what day it is, derelict communication with his family, and my current workflow, I can’t tell you anymore about what else he’s been up to.  I will, though, I promise.  Not just in sports, this kid is an exciting star to be reckoned with and one to watch. 

Second is my remarkable granddaughter Teresa Hope Covey, mostly known as TT.  Because my schedule is currently kinda over-extended right now, and because she just wanted to, her mama pitched in and wrote today’s blob about her.


Besides Tom and TT, two more cousins in our extended family – born in 1993 – are turning 18 this year – both on the Fitzpatrick side: sons of my niece Rene (Fitzpatrick) and Dan Melchior:  Dylan Christopher Melchior; and also my niece Denise (Fitzpatrick) and Craig Fortune’s son Thomas Raymond Fortune. 

My daughter Gretchen wrote the following for TT’s birthday:

“TT Dearest”,

Happy 18th Birthday! Since I can’t be with you today, I asked Grandma if I could write the blog about you….

Teresa Hope Covey, born August 2nd, 1993 eight pounds, eight ounces, (exactly the same weight as Bryce).

We named Teresa (TT) after my sister Teresa and Mother Teresa. When TT was little I called her “T”. She would correct me and say, “TT”. When people ask her if the two T’s stand for initials she says, “No”. I like to think that TT was ‘inspired’ at age three when she called herself “TT”. The two T’s stand for the two Teresa’s that she is named after.  

TT was an easy baby. She loved being held by her parents and brothers. Bryce and Ford continually entertained her (as they do now). TT was an adorable baby and child. She had the cutest hairstyles and personality. She was fiercely loyal to family and friends. She loved being with her cousins. She had a darling speech impediment.

TT didn’t like being separated from family in any fashion. Her early years in Sunday school and elementary school were difficult. She always preferred being with family to anyone else. She didn’t like sleep overs or camps that excluded the family. She liked to be with all of us.

Now it seems that we can hardly keep TT home! (Although she still loves to be with us!) TT loves to experience other cultures and places. Presently TT is in Scotland with our church youth group. When that trip wraps up Ford is meeting TT in Scotland to travel Europe for two weeks. Bryce wishes to be with them but is currently in the Dominican Republic shooting photos for an NGO. Following that he returns to shoot two weddings and a week-long cancer camp!

TT is compassionate and committed. When she believes in a cause she backs it 100%! When Ford was in Children’s Hospital for three weeks in 2005, TT and her cousin, Josie Warden, made dog cookies and sold them at an agility dog show to raise money for Children’s Hospital. When TT’s friend’s cousin suffered from cancer TT helped the friend plan a fun run to raise money for the cousin’s cancer treatments. Recently TT raised money to provide professionally drilled wells for a village in Nicaragua.  She served on a youth grant-making board this past school year.

TT introduced our family to exchange students. We’ve had a couple groups stay at our home from Serbia and Russia. One of the students commented that TT is the youngest ‘humanitarian’ that she has ever met!  TT, like her dad, Brad, doesn’t seek fanfare or praise. She quietly, diligently serves where she feels called. She has a beautiful, sensitive spirit.  She is a constant encouragement and inspiration to many people.

Last fall TT attended language school in Costa Rica for three weeks. She plans to return to Latin America for several months during this next school year. She is taking a gap year before attending college in Fall, 2012. She desires to become fluent in Spanish. She desires to live among the Spanish people and learn from their ways of life.

We couldn’t be more proud of TT. She has grown into a beautiful, smart, articulate, caring person. How blessed we are to have her in our lives!

If TT was in town, my mom would have at least a thousand votes for her essay submission “Grandmother Dearest”. TT would have drummed up tons of support for her grandmother. Here’s where to vote: http://www.ConsumerCellular.com/Grandparents/Gallery/1882Let’s make TT’s day by pulling in the most votes for Grandma of any day so far. And let’s keep up the votes until August 11th. T will be so glad. Vote here: 

Happy Birthday Pooper! 

Amen, Amen!

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3 Responses to 330. “TT Dearest” and “Tom Darling”

  1. Susy says:

    Happy Birthday TT. We love you. You are a special young lady! Enjoy your travels.
    from Susy and Curt

  2. Josie says:

    Happy Birthday TT! You are absolutely amazing. You have been one of my best friends basically since you were born. We have so many funny memories like scaring people when they came in the bathroom, taping money on grandma’s back, prank calling Ford Video just to distract my mom from leaving, throwing tennis balls at your garage door, and lots and lots of trips to Katterman’s for candy. Hahaha We were pretty weird kids! Anyways, I hope your day has been amazing in Scotland! See you when you get home!

  3. Linda Lewis says:

    My first encounter with TT was when she was about 5. Since she lived next door to Grandma Pat, she was able to visit often. One day I was there when Pat was editing a video for me and TT came in. Without a blip in the editing, Pat gave her a little yellow Post-It. This happened every time she popped in. Pat said it kept her occupied and happy. One day Pat shared with me when she and a little friend came over, they covered Pat with hundreds of Post-Its. I only wish there had been a photo of that. She would have been the Post-It Queen.

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