326. On the Runway

Row, row, row your vote,
Gently up the stream,
Merrily, warily, voluntarily, momentarily,
Or else you’ll hear me scream!

I know you may have voted for my essay already, but what have you done for me lately?  How will my “Grandmother Dearest” entry make it into the semi-finals if you don’t keep voting for it every day?  Having entered the contest seven weeks late is a teeny tiny problem, but I know you can fix it.  I’m counting on you. You can DO IT.  Go for it. 

Just click HERE to vote.  You know the drill.

Now it’s time to talk about my favorite show – Project Runway.  I love everything about it – the talent and skill of the designers, their stamina and ability to withstand the superhuman challenges staged by the show’s producers, the effort Tim Gunn makes to be fair and reasonable, and even how snotty Heidi Klum is.  It’s my favorite TV show.

So it was a happy surprise when my granddaughter Erica somehow got tangled up in it and had a hand in helping one of the designers get cast for this season’s series.

First I knew about it was last April when I got this email from daughter Teresa:

“Mom, Erica is going to be filmed walking in an outfit by a contestant for Project Runway.  The film won’t be used for anything other than advancing the contestant further along, but it still will be a lot of fun!  The contestant has a line of dresses right now that we viewed on her website.  She looks talented to us.  We don’t know how far along she is in the contest, but she is far enough that she has met Tim Gunn and she is being flown from Denver to Seattle to the Westin Hotel to have two models walk an outfit each for the show to see.  We’ll let you know how that goes (it is on Friday).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Teresa”

Then on April 25, another email arrived:

“Hi, Mom. I will be driving Erica to the gig and bringing her home. I will try to hang out during the audition, but I am almost positive they will send moms away.  They have already told her she has to sign a confidentiality form and I know they are not going to want any spectators.  But I think she is going to have FUN!
From Teresa” 

On April 28, Teresa just briefly wrote:

“Tomorrow is when Erica goes to the designer contestant for Project Runway’s show’s audition.  We love the dress she gets to wear!  We’ll let you know how that goes!
From Teresa”

Then on July 25, Teresa sent this email to family and friends:

“Hi, you all!  One of our favorite shows is opening its ninth season this coming Thursday, Project Runway.  Last spring, Erica and a friend named Sophia, were asked to model for one of the designers competing for a spot on the show.  This designer made the cut and is one of the contestants!  If you watch the video below you’ll see the casting of Fallene. You will see Erica and her friend modeling her outfits.  Erica is wearing a cute shimmering grey dress.  It’s really cute!!!
From Teresa” 



Tonight’s premiere of Project Runway was preceded by a one hour show describing the casting of 20 designers which included Fallene.  It included most of the same video you just saw so we got brief glimpses of Erica with Fallene.  Fun! 

At the end of the hour,  four of the designers were eliminated in order to get the number down to 16.  Happily, Fallene made it into the chosen 16.  In the main program that followed that one, she also did well.  One more designer was cut but it wasn’t her.  Neat, neat, neat!   

These are some photos of Erica modeling hair and makeup for the Gene Juarez show at the Experience Music Project here in Seattle.  

Grandson Bryce is a professional photographer and was shooting the show without knowing his cousin was in it. (These are from the his shoot that night). Startled, he mumbled to a fellow shooter, “That’s my cousin, Erica”.  A couple of models later, a girl he had gone to school with came striding down the runway.”  “Hey, I went to school with that girl”, he mumbled again.   His associate gave him a deferential look.  He must have figured Bryce sure must know a lot of hot looking chicks.  

At the hair show, the models are wearing their hair and not much else but, hey, swimsuits – like fig leaves –  are not to be scorned as wearing apparel. Unless it’s chilly.  

This one Erica is wearing may have been the same one she wore when she was in kindergarten, but I’m not sure.

Here’s a slideshow with a few more photos of beautiful Erica. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s it for now.  Auf Wiedersehen!

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4 Responses to 326. On the Runway

  1. Denise Fitz says:

    Flawless Beauty! Wow!!

  2. Linda Lewis says:

    That’s awesome! And to think she’s a winning Irish dancer, too! What fun!

    It blew me away to see Erica in the guinea fowl feathered dress! That was my second favorite bird in Zambia. (First is the rainbow colored Bee Eater). The guinea fowl not only has polka dotted feathers all over their plump bodies, they have tiny heads that are sky blue. They have a hard time flying because they are so plump, but they see something coming and they run like mad to get away. They travel in groups. I finally got an okay picture of one the very last safari we were on. One day, there were guinea fowl feathers, including a couple of blue head feathers by the road side. I asked our guide if I could have a blue feather and a polka dotted one. He said, “Nothing is to be removed from the national forrest!’ :o( So, seeing a whole dress of the feathers was awesome!
    We did see, minutes later, the eagle in the tree, holding the poor guinea fowl in his talens, with a martin eagle and another eagle a few branches away, waiting for a chance to steal it from the one who caught it, but he just stood so tall and did not move for about 20 minutes. It was a classic moment. Guinea fowl are very difficult for eagles to catch, because they stay close to the bushes, but this one was by the road where the eagle could swoop down and the guinea fowl could not run fast enough to get away. Only a few times did we ever see guinea fowl take flight.

    Erica, I hope you get to go to New York and model her beautiful dresses! She is so talented and creative!! And so are you and humbly beautiful.

  3. Susy says:

    I saw Erica on TV last night. Very cool! Gorgeous photos too.

  4. Chris says:

    I watched the episode not knowing of Erica’s involvement at all. When I watched this clip I totally remembered the guinea fowl feathered dress but didn’t recognize Erica! Congrats, Erica, on being a fabulous and beautiful model – I’ll definitely be routing for Fallene now!

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