321. How Irish Dance Got Started

Ten members of my family have done serious time in their Irish step-dancing soft and hard shoes.  (There could have been eleven but my niece Leanne blew her chance at Celtic greatness after she tore her Achilles tendon).

I can’t do it myself but I spent a lot of time in the audience watching all their jigs, reels and hornpipes, and until today I thought I was an informed aficionado. Little did I know.

My sister-in-law Peggy Gorman sent this video in which a group of Czech dancers graphically explain how the whole Irish dance scene must have been born.  

I guess they weren’t kidding when they called it “Riverdance”.  But, listen boys, as far as your non-Irish feet are concerned, better keep your day jobs. Nice try, though. I bet you can really boogie up a hot polka.


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