320. Arlis and Andrew

The first time I “met” my future sister-in-law Arlis (Kirsch) Ford was at Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she was a student nurse, and I was a lowly elevator operator.

I didn’t exactly “meet” her or her sister Lois, or their fellow student nurse Annamae Shea, but I was certainly among their most devoted fans.

Nurses in those days were dressed to the nines. I don’t have a photo of Arlis in her uniform but I remember how she looked.  She had dark brown hair often worn in a kind of pageboy style. All the nurses in those days wore crisp starched white uniforms with white stockings, white shoes, and a starched white cap with a stripe indicating their level of proficiency. When they went outdoors, they wore white gloves and wool navy blue capes lined in red.  They looked positively smashing!

Arlis was drop-dead gorgeous.  Plus, she had an air of competence about her.  Several years later, when I was engaged to my husband Gene and I heard Arlis was also marrying into the Ford family, I was dumbfounded.  It was like discovering that you are marrying into a family of royalty.

This is a photo from her wedding to my brother-in-law Robert Ford.  The maid of honor was Arlis’s sister Lois, and the bridesmaid right next to her is Annamae Shea. To the groom’s left are my husband Gene, and brother-in-law Don Ford.

I am still one of her most dedicated fans.  It’s hard to explain but Arlis is one of those interesting people you like to be around. She’s practical, funny, easy to talk with, and down-to-earth.

The one bad thing about her is the heart problem she had to deal with, and the painful hips she’s suffered with for several years. During the past few months, she’s had both hips replaced and everybody is hopeful that her pain is gonna be GONE. Completely.

Today is Arlis’s birthday.  She was born in Charles City, Iowa on July 23, 1927, making her 84 years old today.  She’s married to my brother-in-law Robert Ford, and they still live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  They have six children, two daughters-in-law, two sons-in-law, and four grandsons.

Which brings me to the next subject I want to write about today.  Today’s birthday is also shared with one of Arlis’s grandsons –  Andrew Ford – born July 23, 1987, making him 24 years old today.  

Andrew is the son of my nephew Jeff Ford and his wife Vicki. He lives in Austin, Texas.  I couldn’t unearth a current photo of him or info on what he’s working on or playing at, but when I get some, I’ll add them.  You’ll see him pictured on some of the family shots of Bob and Arlis’s family on the slideshow below.

In the meantime – here’s to a happy birthday to you both, Arlis and Andrew!

Live long and prosper.

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