316. Superheroes

Today is the 44th birthday of my nephew Michael Delancey Gorman.

Whenever I think about Michael, I can’t help thinking about Clark Kent.  There are several reasons for this.

Clark Kent was a big dude.  So is Michael – he’s about 7 feet tall give or take an inch. A Man of Steel has to come in a super size.

Clark Kent was born on the planet Krypton; Michael made his first appearance in Auburn, New York on the planet Earth in 1967.

Clark Kent worked for a newspaper – the Daily Planet.  Michael works for the newspaper The Arizona Republic.  Michael was recently promoted.  He had been only in charge of the Arizona Republic’s circulation but now has responsibility for 10 additional Gannett papers on the West Coast.  I’d like to see Superman take on that super-human task.

Clark Kent is enamored of a fellow news reporter, Lois Lane. Michael has been married to a Lois Lane look-alike for the past 16 years.   Her name is Nicole, AKA “Niki”.

Clark Kent could leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Michael does his “leaping” aboard today’s Boeing jet planes.  All he asks in return is getting home to supper before daylight.  Except when it’s for fun.  Michaels love to travel and flies all over the world whenever he can, even when not wearing his cape. This May/June, he and Niki and daughter Kaitlyn traveled to Italy, staying in Padova, Rome and Florence.

Michael is a geneologist and this fall, he’s planning a trip to Ireland to visit some newly found cousins from his mom Peggy’s side of the family. He also plans to see someone named Elvis Costello at the Sligo Music Festival.

Clark Kent helps fight crime in Metropolis – Michael does the same in Phoenix, Arizona (by trying to keep his parking tickets down to a minimum.) Last week, though, he flew to the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. in order to keep the world safe for democracy, and to visit his sister Leanne and brother-in-law John Dudas and their twins Jack and Gigi. Clark Kent and Michael are both well-known for being kind to children and elderly aunts.

Clark Kent sees to it that persons in trouble are promptly rescued.  Michael – along with his sidekick daughter Kaitlyn – saved his wife Niki’s life in a harrowing incident two years ago (click here to read about it).

Clark Kent was empowered by kryptonite – Michael has his iPhone.

So there you have it.  My earthling nephew Michael continues to carry on the responsibilities of a superhero.  But even he has to have a day off for a birthday.

But where is he?  Look up!  Look!  It’s a bird . . No, it’s a plane. . . No, it’s MICHAEL.  Goofing around, again.

Happy birthday, Michael!

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