314. Dancing Feet

This is the 8th wedding anniversary of my great-niece Heather (Milner) and her husband Dan Roecker.  They were married on July 17, 2003.

It was a beautiful day in Jamaica, mon!  They and their families had a whee of a time and as far as the barefoot bride and groom are concerned, it’s a good thing. That was probably the last “time off” they’ve had.

Since then, their schedule hasn’t allowed much time for rum punch, romantic walks on the beach, or calypso dancing.

They settled down in Portland, Oregon where Dan worked in the semi-conductor world, and where Heather retired from the corporate marketplace (but kept working as an aerobics trainer) in order to produce their first baby – Jake. 

Shortly after his arrival, Dan’s company – a Netherlands-based company called ASML – moved them to Utah.



They were barely unpacked before baby Ruby announced her intentions to be born, and so she was, now making the little family a foursome.  

It was probably about this time, that Heather and Dan could no longer remember where they’d stowed their straw hats, bongo drums, and tropical garb.  They had other fish to fry at the moment.  Called parenthood. 

Being barefoot was definitely de rigueur at the Milner/Roecker wedding! 

But the bride’s bare dancing feet at her wedding were now gracing the bathroom during potty training or making like “I’m a Little Teapot”.

Last December, Dan got promoted to serve as an account manager to the Intel account team for ASML, responsible for the Hillsboro, Oregon area.  The next six months were spent planning, packing and moving to Portland.  Just a few weeks ago, they moved into their new house there and are still probably trying to figure out where on earth their “spare time” went.

When Heather’s mom and dad – Chris and Mark Milner – and her brother Corey and his wife Rebecca came for a visit this month, they all almost took a train trip to visit us in Seattle. But schedules affecting preschoolers have to be – shall we say – flexible.  Strep throat and transportation logistics ruled (and unscheduled) the day.  There will be a train trip in the future though, if the train-fan Jake and Octo-woman have anything to say about it.

To celebrate their anniversary – and to remind them of their giddy days of yore – here’s the dancing feet of Heather and Dan out on the town, wearing shoes.  It’s not the calypso exactly, but hey, don’t be picky.


Live it up, kids!


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2 Responses to 314. Dancing Feet

  1. Heather Roecker says:

    Thank you for the sweet post. Looking at the pictures was a wonderful mental break from the unpacking and organizing that continues in our new house. I look forward to the day where I know the location of all my belongings! Jake & Ruby also enjoyed the post. They watched our dancing video over and over again. Thanks again! Love, Heather

    • Chris and Mark says:

      We’ve always known Heather made a smart choice with Dan, but who knew he was such a dancer. Heather, you’ve got to get him out on the dance floor more often. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

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