288. Grab Your Board

Wah!  There’s only one athletic activity I wish I could do!  Skateboarding.  It looks like crazy fun, as long as you can avoid the scrapes, abrasions, bruises, contusions, and broken bones that goes along with it.  If it wasn’t for my aversion to blood and pain, you’d see me out on the front sidewalk every day.  I’d be flyin’ on mah’ skatebo’d, bro’. Ah be baaad…

I think you should know that today – June 21 – is national “Go Skateboarding Day”.  You know what that means.  You’ll just have to get the thing down out of the garage, oil up those wheels, head for the nearest driveway – and go for a glide.

Of course, I know perfectly well you’re just humoring me.  The only person I know who may actually be following my advice is my great-nephew Brian Ford, a dedicated skateboarder, if there ever was one. Unless he’s hampered by a new cast or crutches, I’m sure he’s be out there risking his life on his longboard.

We could all use a little encouragement when it comes to extreme sports like skateboarding.  This means you, Tyson.  

Tyson is granddaughter Gretchen and Joe Stark’s bulldog.   I think he needs to watch this video tutorial by an “athlete” named Tillman. 


There!  Now don’t you feel pumped to try it yourself?  Judging by Tillman’s weight though, don’t count on dedicated skateboarding to do much for eliminating body fat.

Now, no more excuses.  Go Skateboarding!

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3 Responses to 288. Grab Your Board

  1. A relative says:

    WOW, that dog is amazing. I have never seen anything like that before. He really knew how to lean into the turns and how to start and stop the board too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa Marie Ford says:

    Not to dash Tyson Stark’s hopes or anything, but there already is a famous skateboarding bulldog named Tyson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziDeUbifKIM

    And he appeared on Oprah! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN6HO5vNND8

    Now he knows how I felt when Lisa Marie Presley was born.

    • Octo-woman says:

      Wow! Tyson the skateboarder is even better than Tillman the skateboarder. Now if Tyson Stark could only get with the program, our fortunes would be made because he’s even cuter.

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