282. Silver Anniversary

Unless I’ve got the dates mixed up, June 14th is the 25th wedding anniversary of my nephew David Louis Ford and Melinda Knutson.  The nice thing about going on 80 is that nobody’s surprised when I get stuff muddled.  In my case, people expect it!

Anyway, whether it’s the 25th or the 26th marking of the day they got hitched, here’s the handsome couple for your viewing enjoyment.

You may have read about them on their birthdays.  (Click here to read about Melinda. or here to read about Dave.)    

Melinda is a world class environmentalist with a curriculum vitae a mile long; and Dave is a modern Renaissance Man – an outdoorsman, a building-trades contractor, an award-winning wine-maker, and a real-life clown entertainer. 

If you’re wondering what they do on weekends in La Crosse, Wisconsin where they live, – just look for the nearest dance floor.  Melinda and Dave are master-class ballroom dancers, to put it mildly.  If you have any doubt about the joy to be found in ballroom dancing, just ask these guys.

Melinda is one of those saints who sends us Christmas letters chronicling the activities of their year.  I, for one, not only read such documents but I savor and save them. They help defeat the frustrating lack of time and distance that separates us from family and friends!  

I can’t wait to find out how they celebrated their 25th anniversary yesterday (if it IS yesterday), but I’m counting on finding out at Christmas-time.  Whatever they’re doing, I hope it involves some sort of “tripping the light fantastic” on the dance floor.

Happy anniversary, Melinda and Dave. Cha, Cha. Cha! 

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