278. More Wedding Bells

Roll out the champagne and roses.  Today’s the 45th anniversary of my brother, Leo Francis Gorman and his bride, Margaret (Peggy) Althouse Gorman.

I wish I couldda been at their beautiful wedding.  At the time, keeping a roof over our heads in Seattle won first place in priority over traveling to New York. It’s always been a mystery to me how they managed to conduct the wedding without any help from me. From everything I’ve heard, though, it was a storybook wedding.   

Peggy and Leo were married in St. Alphonsus Church in Auburn, New York on June 11, 1966.  My Mom and Dad and sister Joan were there, and among those in the wedding party were my brother Richard Gorman, my teenage niece, Chris Fitzpatrick, and my brother-in-law Tom Fitzpatrick. 

Peggy and Leo worked as teachers in Auburn, New York State till their retirement, and then they moved to Sun City, Arizona.  

Their children, Michael, Leanne, and Beth (and their spouses Niki, John Dudas, and Bob Brown) have so far managed to produce five grandchildren –  going on six this month when Beth delivers her third child. Leanne and her husband, John, and twins, Gigi and Jack, live in Washington D.C., but everybody else lives in Arizona.

Most of them are shown in the photo below except for Bob who was clicking the camera, and Leanne and John and the twins who were in Washington, D.C. 

. . .  I hope they’re all whooping it up today!

Happy anniversary, Peggy and Leo.  Live long and prosper!



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One Response to 278. More Wedding Bells

  1. A relative says:

    Happy Anniversary to you! You have a lovely family.

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