277. More Celebrating

Our next wedding during this June calendar month was that of my nephew Michael Delancey Gorman and Nicole Elizabeth Crook Gorman.  Today is their 16th wedding anniversary.

Michael is still fighting the good fight for the newspaper industry, and Niki just graduated from Arizona State University with her teaching degree.  Their daughter Kaitlyn Delancey Gorman, 15 years old, is still bopping along nicely in high school where they live in Phoenix Arizona.








Nestled between their industrious day jobs, all three love to find time to travel, and Michael is the Gorman family’s resident geneologist. Next year, Octo-woman is planning to force him into helping her crank out a graphical family tree complete with photos (if he hasn’t already done one.)

Have a happy anniversary, Niki and Michael, and I hope you have at least fifty more!

Today is also the 58th birthday of my nephew Patrick Robert Ford.  Pat is the second son of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law Bob and Arlis Ford.

Pat lives and works in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am exceedingly proud of this “kid”, not just because he’s brilliant – he holds a law degree as well as an accounting degree and he’s got smarts to spare – but because of a secret which not many people know.  Maybe nobody else but me knows, but now you will, too!

This is the secret about Patrick.  I think they named him after Octo-woman. 

Some people may think they named him after his Grandpa Patrick Ford, or even his great grandfather Henry Patrick Ford, but huh-huh.  He was named after ME – his Aunt Patty.  Yup, yup, I’m pretty sure of it. Nobody ever told me that, but they didn’t need to.  How could they consider all that talent and not attribute it to his Aunt Patty.

So Patrick, I hope you will continue to carry on my good name. And while you’re at it, have a very happy birthday!

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