267. The Sun is Shining!

The sun was shining for a few minutes today!  I right away went outside and pulled up weeds, filling two whole baskets.  If you know anyone who needs them, call me.

I am what’s known as a fair-weather gardener, except that that might suggest that I actually enjoy gardening in fair weather.  I wouldn’t even enjoy gardening in the Garden of Eden.  It’s only guilt that sends me out hoe in hand, grumbling and muttering semi-curse-words like “Oh, fudge”, and “O-to-hell-with-it”.

I have a rule.  Gardening should only be performed when it’s kind of warm and when the sun is shining.  The good thing about my rule is that as a resident of Seattle, I don’t have to practice it very often. But today was one of the days I couldn’t ignore, especially since we can no longer identify the back yard through the tangle of weeds that have invaded, and because, yes, the sun came out for a few minutes.

It didn’t get to 70 degrees – only 61.  Last week it got to 70 degrees once but that was the first time since November 3, 2010. I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to gripe about the weather because of all the awful stuff going on in the southern and midwestern states. 

On the other hand, I thought you should see this photo.  It appeared this week in our local newspaper, The Seattle Times. Everybody in Seattle needs to be taking Vitamin D right now because every one of us is so sun-deprived.  And so, it seems are our animal brethren.  

This photo is of a bunch of our sea lions crowded together to get some rays on a buoy at Shilshole Marina.  And then another guy tries to get on . . . 

The caption reads:  “With the Olympic Mountains in the background, a California sea lion, at left in the foreground, tries to join others who soaked up the sun recently on a moorage bay near Shilshole Marina on Puget Sound. The sea lion was rebuffed each time with loud barks from those already on board.” 

 Hang in there, Charlie.  Vitamin D is for sissies. 

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One Response to 267. The Sun is Shining!

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    It’s amazing how sea lions love to bask in the sun! I’ll never forget in San Francisco the huge area where 50 or more sea lions lie and bark on platforms. It’s a sight to behold. The ones in the paper are not very smart because, as you said, there is not much sun to bask in here!!

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