266. Elizabeth and CJ Bush

It’s more than Memorial Day today.  It’s also the second wedding anniversary of my great-niece Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Bush and CJ Bush.

Elizabeth is the youngest child of my nephew Tim Fitzpatrick. I haven’t seen her since she was four years old, but that doesn’t stop me from avidly stalking the internet or my nieces’ albums for any photos and intel I can find on her. Isn’t she a beauty?

Elizabeth and CJ were married in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on May 30, 2009. 

Elizabeth and CJ are the co-authors of Adam and Olivia Bush shown here.

Never having met CJ, you might think I don’t have the nerve to give him (and Elizabeth) some advice.  But hey, I’m Octo-woman.  It’s my job. You need me guys. Follow this good advice from my internet research and you will find that the hazards of marriage are more than manageable.



Compliment her. Respect her. Honor her. Cuddle her. Caress her. Love her. Kiss her. Stroke her. Buy things for her. Comfort her. Protect her. Hug her. Hold her. Spend money on her. Wine and dine her. Listen to her. Care for her. Stand by her. Support her. Hold her.

For Elizabeth:  HOW TO PLEASE A MAN

Show up naked.
Bring beer.

I really enjoy being helpful. It’s the least I can do.  

Have a very happy anniversary, Elizabeth and CJ.  I hope you have at least sixty more.

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2 Responses to 266. Elizabeth and CJ Bush

  1. Ford Video Fan says:

    It was a perfectly lovely day, and she couldn’t have found a more perfect husband. They’re such a fun, sweet couple.

    Happy Anniversary, Lizzy and CJ!!

    (anyone else catch CJ’s “Stuck Fate” shirt? Too funny! I think we all need one of each)

  2. A relative says:

    Comment about advice for “pleasing a woman” ya maybe … if you are another woman!

    Comment about advice for “pleasing a man” what kind of beer? and not necessarily in that order.

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