263. Junk or Treasure

A quick, hassle-free way to get rid of stuff after de-cluttering is to put it out on your front parking strip with a FREE sign on it. My daughter Susy taught me that. Anything I haul out there is gone within a few hours.  It’s my way of having a “garage sale”.  

Gone are the aged bookcases, vases, frames, suitcases, old cans of paint, rugs and more. That way, (1) the stuff gets a good home, (2) you avoid the expense of getting it to the dump, and (3) you get some free space back.

Try it.  And if all else fails, consider the following story.


Raymond, from Seattle, purchased a new stove. The local dump wanted $20 to receive and accept his old one in an environmentally friendly fashion, so in order to save money he put it in his yard with a sign that read, “Free to a good home. You want it, please take it.”

The stove stood untouched for 4 days.

Then Raymond changed his tactics. He made a sign saying, ‘Stove for sale – Fifty dollars..’

One day later the stove disappeared: stolen.

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3 Responses to 263. Junk or Treasure

  1. A relative says:

    so let me get this straight. the stove was sitting outside for free. then it had a fifty dollar price tag on it. so someone decided to enter the house and steal the refrigerator. so the lesson here is not to put stove out in yard or wake up with the fridge gone. maybe they took the fridge with food in it so they would have some food to cook on the free stove he was trying to rip somebody off for fifty bucks.

    • Octo-woman says:

      Groan. So awright, the original joke was about a refrigerator but I was afraid somebody really would put a refrigerator in their front yard and a kid would get in and shut the door and couldn’t get out so I changed the joke to be about a stove because even if a kid got in the oven he could probably get out and for sure nobody could turn the heat on and cook him alive or anything, so that’s why I changed it from being a refrigerator to being a stove, or at least I ALMOST changed it but not completely and that’s why I know perfectly well that it was my eagle-eye son-in-law Curt who had to notice my little teensy error, which I have since completely corrected.

  2. A relative says:

    I liked the first version better. It was kind of a mystery of what happened to the fridge and who took it. Probably someone he knows. A close relative no doubt. Usually is. Sends a freezing chill down my spine. Better set it on defrost. By the way Octo-woman I noticed a new fridge in your kitchen the last time I was there. No it couldn’t be. Could it? Just to much for me to try to figure out. Think I will go cook something. Now where is that darned stove?

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