257. Please Re-Schedule Judgment Day

Unbelievable but true. The Seattle weather thermometer hit 70 degrees yesterday. It’s the first time that’s happened since November 3rd, 2010.

All my new Knockout Roses have temporarily stopped shivering and my hopes for their survival have been renewed. Or they were, till I saw the five-day forecast. Alas, the Big Cool and more “showers” will be coming back tomorrow.

What if summer never comes? We’re just going to have to make do.

Actually, according to the End of Days folks, we have a lot more to worry about today than the weather and five-day forecasts. They say Judgment Day will be today – May 21st (they don’t say what time), with the End of the World to follow five months later on October 21, 2011.

What a great excuse to avoid working in the yard. On the other hand, what if Jesus DOES come back to earth today? To judge us. Please, Lord, is there any way we can re-schedule? If I promise I’ll turn over a new leaf? And not only in the garden?

How ‘bout a reprieve, God? I promise I’ll do better! Amen.

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One Response to 257. Please Re-Schedule Judgment Day

  1. Bryce Covey says:

    I guess I didn’t need to schedule all those weddings to shoot this summer. Tomorrow will be my last one!

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