247. Puzzled?

Ever since she watched Fred’s “My Mom is Missing” video on Monday, I’ve been unable to find my sister Joan.  

She may be lost in a craft store somewhere, or trying to find her car in the Safeway parking lot, or stuck counting her winnings at the casino.  

Please try to find her at this link.  Just double click on it.  She might be there somewhere.


I’m counting on you to complete this secret mission.  Use your mouse to put the “clues” together.  Or if you want to weasel out, hit “auto-solve”. 

I do hope she hasn’t fallen in with bad companions.  If you find her in the company of any shady looking characters, call the authorities at once.  She’s very impressionable.  I do my best to look after her but it hasn’t been easy since she got her new chopper.  Those Harleys go faster than my broom.

Now, where or where can she be?  Keep looking.

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One Response to 247. Puzzled?

  1. A relative says:

    I found her!!! Haha. That puzzle was fun to do.

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