April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, if this is the kind of blossom we can expect, let’s hear it for the rain!

The little spring flower’s name is Ruby Hennessey Roecker and she’s three years old today.  In calendar years, that is.  Brainwise, however — well, read on.

It may surprise you to know that Octo-woman tends to leave everything – like blob entries – till the last minute.  She thinks it tends to make life much more exciting. Try it.  You’ll find that after awhile, you too can get used to getting through the day on two hours sleep.

That’s what I was planning on tonight as I hunched up to the computer ready to write, and found this merciful message from my sainted niece Chris Milner – AKA “Kiki”, AKA Saint Christine, AKA Grandma of Ruby, the subject of today’s blob.

I didn’t expect this.  Everybody involved in this story is up to their armpits in “Moving to Portland, Oregon”.  Ruby, brother Jake, mother Heather, and dad Dan Roecker finally arrived five minutes ago in Portland where Dan has been reassigned.  Heather’s mom and dad Chris and Mark Milner are having an open house in Ankeny, Iowa tomorrow, preceding their own move to Portland.

Somehow, Chris scratched out the time to write this about Ruby.

“Hi, Tomorrow is Ruby’s 3rd Birthday!  The family drove Friday and Saturday to their temporary housing in Portland so I’m not sure if Heather will get an email to you. While spending 10 days in Utah while they packed the house, I got a bird’s eye view and collected a few of my own favorite Ruby stories.

Ruby has been quite the lover of all things ‘princess’ for a long time. Knowing, from her last birthday that she was enamored of Tinkerbell, one day we were talking to them on Skype and I asked her who her favorite princess was. She responded “Aurora”. “Ruby, I thought you would say Tinkerbell was your favorite”, I replied. There was a gasp, pause and quick turn of her head!  “No, Kiki!! Tinkerbell is not a Princessess!! She is a Fairy!” 

Last week while playing she also continued to explain that Aurora is Princess Aurora but some people call her Sleeping Beauty and Briar Rose – so you can see she really knows her “princessesses”! (I think that is the plural of princesses)

Sometimes Ruby will let loose a little dialogue that gets us all laughing. We spent last week at a hotel while the packers and movers were busy at the house. One morning while having breakfast, Ruby had an immediate need for the bathroom. She and I rushed into the closest restroom where she quickly took care of her needs and hopped off the toilet.  While bent to grab her pants, she burst into song. “♪♬ Pants on the ground, pants on the ground! Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.♪♬”  Whenever she’s singing or hears a little music, her booty just starts a’dancing’! 

Ruby loves to paint and draw, ride her scooter, play ‘Save the Princess’ with Jake, take care of her baby dolls, sing, dance, jump and climb, and she will sit for a long time and comb and brush her mom’s hair. Ruby has always been a lover of books. It’s not uncommon to find her sitting in her room with a pile of good stories next to her. And she can tell quite the dramatic story of her own.  As an example . . .

She is the sweetest, cutest little ‘princess’ although she’ll always say “I’m not a princesses” if you call her one. There are times in some of her younger pictures that she looks just like her great-grandma Bernice, and right now she is the spitting image of her momma at the same age. She sounds like her momma when she puts on her pout and stomp face, or lets loose with “Wake me up from my nap, RIGHT NOW!”

She can melt your heart in a second with “Kiki, Grandpa, I’m so happy to see you!” I hope we can get out to the west coast soon because we are always so happy to see her, too.”

That goes for me, too.  Thank you, Chris. I can hardly wait to find out what Ruby will be when she grows up, but whether she applies to be a fairy “princesses” or a college president, I’m pretty sure she’ll be over-qualified.

Happy birthday, Ruby – our Mayday girl.  Keep talking!  And dancing!  And singing! And smiling! And blooming

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