235. Bells in Their Belfry

Guess what!  Today, second-in-line to the throne of England –  Prince William –  and a girl named Kate Middleton are getting hitched.  I thought you’d want to know. You can always count on Octo-woman to keep you apprised of current events in the world today.  (What would you do without her?)

The marriage will be taking place sometime this morning.  In case you weren’t invited, or don’t have a good seat in the cathedral (no, it’s not in Las Vegas), here’s a dry-run rehearsal with royal lookalikes to give you a close-up look.

Prince Harry – the one who’s a good sport –  actually posted this video on his Facebook, so you and its 13 million other viewers can be confident of its authenticity.

It’s kinda just like being there.  Ain’t it?  Now where’s the champagne?

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One Response to 235. Bells in Their Belfry

  1. Ford Video Fan says:

    We’re (Americans, that is) SO much classier than that on this side of the pond. http://video.aol.com/video/the-wedding-fail-compilation/1872827157

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