221. Income Tax and Heavenly Bliss

The IRS expects many happy returns of the day every April 15.  Most people wouldn’t plan to share the pain of their income tax due date with their wedding anniversary.  Normal people, that is. And then there’s my nephew Tim Fitzpatrick.

A few years earlier, Tim met a beautiful woman.  Her name was Denise Vileta and she worked at the same company Tim did.  Behind their backs, long before Denise and Tim even considered tying the knot, family members – including Octo-woman – were secretly conspiring and plotting that this feminine paragon would be incorporated under duress, if necessary, into the Fitzpatrick clan. 

My sister Joan and I had decided that if nothing else worked, it would have to be a shotgun wedding.  If all else failed, the bride-to-be would be led down the aisle under gun-point.

Denise’s looks might be confused with a Barbie doll, but, aside from that, any woman who can appreciate the shenanigans of my nephew, and who is known as a gourmet cook and gracious hostess, deserves to be on a prospective mother-in-law’s short list.  And as far as I was concerned, any chick who is kind to children and dogs and elderly aunts is a keeper.

It may be that Tim and Denise became aware of our fearful plot because the next thing we knew, – without any overt help from us – they announced that they would be “getting married”. 

And they did.  On April 15, 2007.  In Las Vegas.  

Now what goes on in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas, but I will tell you this much.  Sister Joan and niece Chris Milner told me that it was a gorgeous wedding.  The ceremony and reception was at the Bellagio.  




Chris said “When I went to the reception suite early to help Denise get ready, I was impressed simultaneously by the fabulous room, spectacular view — and the fear in Denise’s eyes. She waited till the last minute to come down with the jitters, but it all worked, and four years later it continues to work.

The weather was beautiful, and the Bellagio fountains performed at just the right moment to send shivers. 

Having the party planner extraordinaire, we all had our itineraries in hand. Mark’s responsibility was flying in advance to Arizona, picking up the rental van and driving mom and dad to Vegas.  There we all enjoyed not only the wedding experience but also fabulous meals, sight seeing walks, some slots, dancing, pool time, my grandson Jake’s 1st birthday cake and just a lot of FUN!”

So there you have it.  Tim and Denise are living proof, that you can indeed go to Las Vegas and come home as big winners.

And, yes, my sister Joan and I are still congratulating ourselves.  We like to think that we helped the happy couple hit the big jackpot.  Tax-free.

And, sharing their anniversary evermore with the Internal Revenue Service, they lived happily ever after.

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2 Responses to 221. Income Tax and Heavenly Bliss

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Now that was an elegant wedding! And those fountains with Celine Deon singing to their water ballet of choreography is a sight to cherish.
    A close friend of mine had the opposite kind of Las Vegas wedding: a drive thru ceremony. Can you imagine?!! Well, it was the second time they got married and they were driving to Mexico and they wanted a US marriage license and they had a ceremony on the beach with loads of us flying down for their wedding, so I forgave them for the drive through ceremony. It was loads of fun!

  2. Tim Fitzpatrick says:

    Aunt Octo-Woman,

    I was shamefully behind on following your now world famous blob. We have been completely offline since last Thursday. We just returned from our anniversary vacation (this year in Florida). Thank you for your kind words about my lovely wife. After this long weekend having her company all to myself I am again reminded that I am the luckiest guy in the world.

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