220. Seeing Things

Today, daughter Susy’s sister-in-law Gail Trevathan sent her this optical illusion.  Susy got it right away but I had a struggle with it first.  Try it, but take it from me, you have to be relaxed.  You may need to do it multiple times, but it’s worth it.

Here’s the how-to:

1.  Relax and concentrate on the 4 small dots in the middle of the picture for about 30 seconds.
2. Then, take a look at a wall or white paper near you (any smooth single-colored surface).
3. You will see a circle of light developing.
4. Start blinking your eyes a couple of times, and you will see a figure emerging . .
5. What do you see?  Moreover, what do you see?

Nice, huh?  Will wonders never cease.  But, hey, tell the truth, you weren’t surprised to see who it was.   Somebody at your side.  You knew.

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6 Responses to 220. Seeing Things

  1. Linda says:

    Even when I closed my eye lids before I looked at a wall I could see the image. As I write this comment, I can still see the image. What a protecting vision.

  2. Rene' Melchior says:

    Wow, didn’t take but a second. That was awesome! Thank you.

  3. A relative says:

    I loved how the image shows up even with your eyes closed. It was such a surprise the first time I looked at this illusion and now it feels like a little miracle to me. Whoever created this image was very talented!

  4. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    This was amazing !!! I got it right away.

  5. pattybryant says:

    Beautiful. Patty in SCGrand

  6. Josie says:

    This freaked me out! Everywhere I looked he was there and it lasted for such a long time!

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