219. Follow Your Dream

If you’ve ever had a suppressed desire to become a magician, I think I can help.

The Harry Potter prop I coveted the most was the magic wand each of the Hogwarts students owned. Wouldn’t owning one be spectacular?  Especially for a frustrated magician like Octo-woman.  Well, previously frustrated, that is. No more.

That’s because she has at last figured out how to do magic without the wand.  All thanks are due to her hero – the magician Daniel Chesterfield.  Octo-woman has been studying his videos intensively, and practicing, practicing, practicing.

Try it yourself.  Watch the video several times till you begin to understand how the illusions must have been executed.  As you become more confident,  you can try it yourself.  If you practice faithfully every day, I’m sure you too will be able to master the magic and dazzle your friends.  Good luck to you.


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2 Responses to 219. Follow Your Dream

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    And try this one to make solid wall move. Next time you are at a water fall, stare intently at it without moving your eyes for about 30 seconds. Then glance over to the surrounding wall and see it move! Daniel Chesterfield could not video tape that!

  2. Josie says:

    Grandma you are a magical woman even without a wand! You are absolutely extraordinary.

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