212. Spring is Sprung, Sort of

Hooray!  The weatherman said this morning that we’re going to get a brief respite from the steady rain, cold damp air, avalanches, floods and mudslides.  Starting Thursday.  I can’t wait.

I’ve been saving this to get us ready.  Friend Linda Lewis sent it a few weeks back to encourage me. She knows this is definitely the one kind of gardening I can excel at.

Click on the woman gardener.   You will get a black page. 

Click your mouse anywhere (& everywhere) on the black page and see what happens!

Better yet, click (hold down) & drag your mouse over the black page…

Fun, huh?

Click me.

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10 Responses to 212. Spring is Sprung, Sort of

  1. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    Finally…………….I can do this. There is no stooping or weeding.

  2. Arden says:

    Sooo fun!

  3. Tim Fitzpatrick says:

    DON’T BELIEVE WEATHERMEN!!! They are all scoundrels! Saturday morning our weatherman (suspiciously named Joe Winters), said that it wasn’t going to be below 39 degrees for the next 7 days. He coupled his prognostication with abundant sunshine and nothing more than a warm southerly breeze. Based on these scientific data I went downstairs and gently took my nascent broccoli transplants that I have lovingly nurtured the past 40 days. I took them out to the garden area and prepared their spots where each of them would live out their productive days. (about 70 days according to the seed packet.)

    By Monday morning the gentle southerly breeze evolved into a brisk steady wind. By 5 PM that day it was gale force and seemed to change direction and was coming out of the northwest. There also seemed to be a chill accompanying it. I tuned into the 6 o’clock weather report and there on the screen with a big cheesy smile and just as disconnected as he could be to my baby broccoli came his report. “…winds out of the north gusting to 50 miles per hour and a low tonight in the lower to middle 20’s”

    LOWER TO MIDDLE 20’S!! That meant death certain for 12 of the most tender, precious, and beautiful baby broccoli plants you have ever laid eyes on. The news sent me scrambling for sheets to cover my lovelies. (evidently according to Denise, it is not acceptable to use sheet that come straight off the bed, even if they are just off of the bed in the guest room, huh, who knew?). With sheets that were destined for Goodwill in hand I took flight into the vacant lot behind us enlisting the aid of moderately sized stones that looked up to the task of keeping my sheets in place.

    I want to assure you that trying to unfurl and bed down a sheet in a 6o mile and hour wind while your coat pockets are weighed down with what felt like a good 30 pounds of rocks is not easy. Denise’s view from inside the house must have been comical. I would get the first corner pinned down but by then the wind had the other corner at the other end of the garden. In between the ends the sheet had become hopelessly twisted into a knot. It took about 30 minutes to get everything in place. All there was left was to hope that the sheets would stay there. I tossed and turned all night worrying about my darlings.

    Tuesday morning there was light coming through the bedroom window and I couldn’t hear the wind anymore. I think I may have even heard a Robin’s sweet melody whisking it way through the air. Hope was building in my heart. I poured a cup of coffee, and remember thinking, maybe some Irish whiskey might help dull the pain of the carnage I was about to witness, but I decided black would have to do at 6:30 AM.

    When I opened the door I saw that only two of three sheets stayed in place. When I got closer I saw three of my sweethearts lying flat on the ground with the kiss of frost on their leaves that would go down as the cause of death. I removed the rocks and thanked each of them for their service in battle then gently pulled the remaining sheets away. Even though the sisters of the deceased had been spared the frost, none of the other plants looked very good.

    It is a waiting game now. They have a chance if they can get a couple of warm days, and a little bit of rainfall, maybe just a half an inch or so. It looks like we are going to have just that this week too. Highs in the 60’s maybe even lower 70’s lows in the mid forties, just a little rain. Of course that is all according to Joe Winters, the lying bastard!

  4. Tim Fitzpatrick says:

    Hey, what the hell, why was Denise just WATCHING me? We have to have a talk when she gets home.

  5. A relative says:

    Sounds like your vegies might end up tasting like sheet! Sheet happens!

  6. A relative says:

    there is a mouse in my garden

  7. A relative says:

    Sounds like there might be some explaining and laundry to do. Saying you are going out to the garden and coming back three sheets to the wind and the sheets are soiled. Maybe better off getting three sheets to the wind before going outside then who gives a sheet about the garden.

  8. A relative says:

    while you were sleeping look at all the responses that cropped up and didn’t even have to add water. Pat has a green thumb.

  9. Faithful follower of Goingon80 says:

    I am impressed that you people were awake at 4:36am, 5:18am, and 6:30am using words like ‘prognostication’, and making such clever word play as ‘sheet happens’. That’s why I love this blob!

  10. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    Tim and “A Relative” should write a book, or do Stand Up Comedy together.

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