210. Spell-bound

You know you’re getting old when you can still remember how kids used to communicate in English instead of text-speak.

Text-speak is described as a combination of reduced punctuation, phonetic spelling, leaving out vowels and replacing some vowel sounds with digits. And it’s a wonderful way to communicate if you don’t know how to spell. For everybody else, it cn B rely anoyiN.

To test your texting linguistics skills, translate the following:

d kids wr lined ^ n d cafeteria of a Catholic LEmntry skool 4 lnch.

@ d hed of d table wz a lg pile of apples. d nun rOt a note, n put it n frnt of d apple tray:

“TaK 1ly 1.  God S wotchN.”

Moving furthA along d lnch line, @ d oder Nd of d table wz a lg pile of chocl@ chip cookies.

A kid had ritN a note, “Take ll u wnt. God S wotchN d apples.”


I’m so glad the nuns at St. Patrick’s School never heard about this.  der w%d av bn hell 2 pay.

And the Sisters definitely would have agreed with this guy.

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3 Responses to 210. Spell-bound

  1. A relative says:

    must be the invisible man

  2. A relative says:

    oh he finally showed up

  3. Gretchen Covey says:

    Love the guy! And he’s a youngster!

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