199. Lady in Waiting

Today is the 28th birthday of my great-niece Abby Fitzpatrick.  It’s also the day when she’s going to learn the answer to a very big secret.  Since it involves Octo-woman, I am holding my breath in anticipation.

Abigail Anne Fitzpatrick is the daughter of my nephew Tim Fitzpatrick, and one of the grandchildren of my sister Joan and brother-in-law Tommy Fitzpatrick.  I would have kidnapped her if I could have, but it would have ticked off Tim and my sister.

No way was anybody going to steal any of the storybook children that somehow infiltrated the Fitzpatrick clan.  They weren’t merely cute.  They were CUTE.  And affectionate.  And sweet-tempered.  And good-humored.

My sister had the bad habit of hoping they would get sick.  Not sick sick, you understand.  Just sick enough so their mom would call to ask her to pick them up at school because they didn’t feel well.  Whoopee!  Hats’n horns!  Party-time!

Nobody enjoyed playtime hooky more than their Grandma Joan. Actually, it was kind of infectious — you couldn’t help but wade in and join the fun and non-stop dancing.

It’s hard to believe this little storybook doll has grown up.  Abby is not only a young lady now, she’s an auto insurance agent for Geico.  They are lucky to have her.  Who else could teach the Gecko to dance? It’ll do him good.

The only other of Abby’s cousins, shirttail or otherwise, born during her birth year of 1983, is my great-niece Meghan Melchior.  Her birthday was just last week.  To read the blob about her that day, just click here.

This is Abby and Meghan doing a “fashion show” at Joan’s on one of their home-from-school “sick” days.

Abby still lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Her playtime these days is spent reading, watching movies, and playing pool.  (Yes, it starts with a “P” and that stands for Pool.)


That playtime is apt to change.  Soon.  Boyfriend Darnell Montgomery and Abby met at a mutual friend’s birthday party.  Darnell works for LinStar Transport, delivering and installing refrigerators, washers, dryers, ranges, etc.

In August, Abby and Darnell will be delivering something besides appliances.  On August 10 or thereabouts, they’ll be delivering a baby – another storybook child, without any doubt.

Now here’s the big secret that is being revealed to Abby and Darnell today.  Today, March 24th, they’re going to find out the sex of the baby!   That’s why Octo-woman is a nervous wreck.  She’s on pins and needles waiting to find out whether she’s going to be a great-great aunt, or a great-great uncle!



Happy birthday,  Abby.  That’s a very lucky baby you’ve got there.  Every little person deserves to get a Mama like you.

Click below for more photos of Abby:

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