193. Jock Talk

News flash!  Hold onto your hat. If, like me, you let the cobwebs accumulate on your exercise equipment, this is for you.

My daughter, Susy Warden, has come up with a foolproof solution that can make it super easy to use whatever exercise equipment you have – every single day without fail.

Today, I was lamenting on my pathetic history of not getting enough exercise.  In spite of having a very nice recumbent exerciser upstairs and an urban rebounder downstairs, I manage to avoid contact with them, due to extreme battle fatigue and nervous exhaustion following a day of heating up leftovers, doing the laundry,  helping son Matthew, video editing, internet surfing, answering the email, and watching American Idol, Big Love, 60 Minutes, and Netflix movies.

“Nossir, I don’t have any excuse”, I said to Susy.  “The equipment just stands there idle and I just keep pretending like it isn’t there.”

“Oh, I used to do that, too”, said Susy, comfortingly.  “But I don’t anymore.  For the past year, I’ve been using our exercise treadmill in the family room almost every single day!”

“Wow!”, I gasped.  “Every day? Omigosh, however did you get yourself disciplined to do it?”

“Well, I probably couldn’t have if the laundry room wasn’t right next to where the treadmill is set up.”

“What does the laundry room have to do with using the treadmill?,” I asked, confused.

“Because”, explained Susy, “Nearly every day, I hang wet laundry on it.”

Now why didn’t I think of that? That Susy is brilliant.  I’m going to start using my equipment everyday, too.  Think how happy and guilt-free I’ll be knowing all those socks and underpants are drying nicely while I’m watching TV.

Sometimes, the thorniest problems have the simplest solutions.  Let’s hear it for creative thinking!

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2 Responses to 193. Jock Talk

  1. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    That Susy is soooooo Smart !!!!!! What a very good idea.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the tip, Susy! Whew! What a workout – and dry clothes!

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