177. Hannah Rose Fitzpatrick

Today is NOT the birthday of my great-niece, Hannah Rose Fitzpatrick.  Today is her UN-birthday. Her official birthday was on February 19, but I think March 2nd sounds like a much better day to be celebrating it.  Don’t you?

This morning, her aunt, – my niece Chris Milner – mentioned to me that I forgot to blob about Hannah on the right day, but you should know that Octo-woman never forgets. Like my weight, I share this amazing trait with the elephant world. Far be it from me to forget anything like birthdays or bill payments or overdue library books, and I have a lifetime membership in Liars Anonymous to prove it.

Hannah is the daughter of my nephew Dennis Fitzpatrick and niece-in-law Teresa. She was born in 1999, making her twelve years old this month, or, in other words, a teeny-bopper-wannabe – not quite a teenager, but wishing she was.

Hannah is unique.  Among her singular qualities are:

1.  She is the only child in our family born during 1999 (I think).

2.  She is the only child in the family who actually IS an Only Child. This is a role only dreamed of by most of the siblings we know and live with.

3.  And she has the most beautiful name. I wish I would have thought of it when I was busy naming children.  Definitely, the next time I get pregnant, if the baby is a girl, I’m going to name her after this child – Hannah Rose. Even if it’s a boy.

Hannah goes to St. Joseph’s School in Marion, Iowa. Chris says she is rehearing for a play right now, and I know she’s going to knock their socks off.  After all, her father, Dennis, is one of our family’s most intrepid stand-up comics and he surely must have taught her a thing or two.

If she doesn’t enter the world of theater, maybe she’ll be a vet.  According to Facebook photos and her email address, Hannah must love dogs, horses, and ferrets.  And, hopefully, elephants who never forget her birthday in order to save it up for another day.

So, happy Un-birthday, Hannah Rose.  Get ready for the next big one when you’ll be 13, and will qualify to join the ranks of those teenage monsters we don’t want you to know about yet.

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