176. The Idiot Test

To celebrate March Madness, how about taking the Idiot Test?  Mac Users can choose it as an iGoogle gadget which can be deleted later..  Otherwise, just click on the link below.  Then click on the screen  to maximize its size so you can read the instructions. And be sure to take the instructions LITERALLY.  In spite of the insults the gadget hurls at us, it’s fun.


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2 Responses to 176. The Idiot Test

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Pat, that was brilliant, but I felt like an idiot for how many times I had to do it

  2. A relative says:

    I already knew I was an idiot to start with so I didn’t mind having to start over again and again. Finally, I had to have Curt coach me through the test so I could finally be labeled “smart” and be able to start my day! I do not think this test was suppose to take over an hour right, right??? ha ha. Seriously, the spot I got hung up on had to do with clicking the small red button. It is funny what your brain sees and how it makes assumptions in less than a second. And how it is not so funny to be called a fool even by a computer!!!

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