170. Thrown Off!

I don’t plan to ever again use the expression “as easy as falling off a horse”.

Today my brother-in-law Bob Ford is having major surgery on his shoulders.  The culprit that caused his injury was a quarter horse named Danny.  The accident happened nearly 30 years ago but it’s one of those crises a family never forgets.

This is Bob in 1985 describing what happened.

Thanks to my sister-in-law Arlis who’s a nurse, and to rapid ambulance service, Bob survived the injury but has suffered with the residual consequences ever since.

Until today, that is. We can have high hopes that the surgery and convalescence from it will be wildly successful, and that Bob will stay away from saddles and quarter horses for a while.

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One Response to 170. Thrown Off!

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    My brother in law had shoulder surgery last month from a fall, two years ago. My sister is having to drive him and help him for six weeks. Not fun. But he is much better. Let’s just know Bob will have a speedy recovery.

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