164. The Truth Shall Set You Free

All day yesterday, I had the uneasy feeling that something was wrong.  Couldn’t get a fix on it, though.

The day went on normally.  Did some chores, did some work, and nothing odd happened, but I was sure something was going to.  Didn’t have a feeling of foreboding exactly –  it was more like being out of key.

During the morning, Susy was running a nasty job duplicating a program to 25 VHS tapes.  Remember those?  Getting “ancient” obsolete equipment to perform productive work can turn an otherwise nice day into an off-key one, but even after Susy successfully completed and packaged the tapes, the vague, uncomfortable feeling that something was “off” didn’t go away.

Minor problems – a disc drive got choked up with too many files and had to be de-cluttered; I couldn’t find a register on Quickbooks; we ran out of milk.  In other words, a perfectly normal day.  But not quite. Something didn’t feel right.

When it was time for Jeopardy, daughter Gretchen came over from next door and joined granddaughter Arden (nee Gwendolyn), my son Matthew and me.  We watched IBM’s supercomputer Watson do a final clobbering of his human victims, and then we watched American Idol, with me all the while squirming uneasily.

It wasn’t till the end of the evening when I went up to get ready for bed, that I had the revelation.  Yes, there certainly WAS something wrong. It wasn’t my imagination. It was a wardrobe malfunction. I had spent the whole day with my pants on backwards.

I hope nobody noticed.

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5 Responses to 164. The Truth Shall Set You Free

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Pat. You make me GOL. (giggle out loud)

  2. Tim Fitzpatrick says:

    I would rather find out my pants were on backwards all day than to find out at lunch during a software presentation my fly was down all morning. (I mean I have heard that has happened to some witless sales guy before).

  3. don ford says:

    I clicked on Octo woman and got the blog – can bartely read the print in area of leave com ment and the rifght column

  4. Colleen says:


  5. Josie Warden says:

    That’s so funny! Today I had the same feeling and when I was in my English class I realized that I wasn’t wearing any pants.

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