162. The Whether Report

Is it melting yet? Whenever snow blizzards appear, the news broadcasts are ever faithful about reporting them. But, out here in the Pacific Northwest, unless the snow appears in our own midst, the TV news reports never remember to tell us when the stuff melts. We have to keep agonizing about the plight of the victims, bundled up in their mugwumps, guiding their sled dogs across the tundra, hoping to make it to church in time for Easter services.

I’ve been collecting photos of the January snow blitz around the country from Linda Lewis, my niece Christy, and from the internet. This slideshow includes pics from Leeds, North Dakota, Chicago, Illinois, Keller, Texas, Cedar Rapids and Ankeny, Iowa. When you play it, you might want to have some music going, so click the play arrow on the upper left.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I want to know: Is this how it still is?  Do you need emergency provisions, like apricot brandy to keep warm>  When you dream, is the action happening in places like Arizona or the Caribbean? Is it time to send a search party?

Hang in there, Nanook. Spring is just around the corner. As least if we can trust the groundhog.

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2 Responses to 162. The Whether Report

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Well, Pat, upon arriving here in Seattle yesterday afternoon to a wind, rain storm, I can tell you about my last five days in VT, MA and MO. Main roads were clear. Some roads were narrower because snow was packed on the side. Shopping malls had ten food high piles that you could not see around on over scattered all over like huge hay bales. People were coping and ready for spring. The thing that surprised me the most were the lack of snow men. I only saw one in all the driving around. My grand daugter, who’s going to school in St. Louis said, “After the first snow, there were lots snowmen, but after the second snow fall that didn’t stop for two and a half days, no one wanted to go out in it.” But, last weekend there was lots of talk about the weather. It got upn in med 50’s Sat, and Sun 65… Lots of short sleeves and shorts with piles of snow. The streets were covered with little rivers of water, bliBut, leaving Monday for the airport, lots of surprising black ice before the sun came up on

  2. Linda Lewis says:

    Sorry last comment got garbled without being able to edit. But, the most amazing thing flying out there was the absolute blanket of white totally covering the whole nation everytime I looked out the window. Just white, white, white, white with little lines for streets. No one ever talked about a worse winter. This topped them all.
    BTW Flying home on Valentine’s Day, SW had big hearts on the luggage bins, so when they closed them they had different messages. My favorite ‘Luv is in the air.’

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