159. What a Prince!

Okay, this is a contest. Can you describe what’s happening in this famous scene?

The players, standing left to right are Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Camille Parker-Bowles, Prince Charles, and in the back row is Prince Harry.

In 25 words or less, describe who does what in the scene in the most refined way possible.  Any entries using four letter f-words or other vulgarities will be disqualified and reported to the principal’s office.  Remember how ladylike and refined Octo-woman is and write accordingly.  Either submit your entry as a Comment, or else you may mail it in providing you use the proper Palmer method of handwriting, and do not make erasures. When preferred, calligraphy will be acceptable. Neatness counts.

First prize will be a jar of fresh air from the great Pacific Northwest. The winner may elect to donate it instead to the Queen Mother who obviously needs it more than you do.

Second prize will be an autographed copy of Octo-women’s as yet to be published new book titled “Living With Flatulence”.

Third prize will be a 44 cent stamp to send a fan letter to Prince Phillip who, after all, is going-on-ninety. It’s okay if he lets off a few now and then. It doesn’t count after you’re 89. (It doesn’t, does it?)

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2 Responses to 159. What a Prince!

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    That reminds me of when I was so naive in …high school. Droodles were the big thing. It was drawn like this. In a big rectangle, three smiley faces were drawn with one frowny face with the question: Who ‘Prince Philliped’ (now the new name for it) in the elevator. …I had never heard the four letter f word and had to ask what it meant. Boy was I the embarrassed ones when my friends could not believe I was so dense. …so much for secrets being shared.

  2. Gail Trevathan says:

    Those cabbage rolls will get you everytime.
    Tom Trevathan

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