159. That Bob Brown Smile

You’ll be surprised to know that my surprising nephew-in-law Bob Brown lives in Surprise, Arizona.  Today is his birthday.  And am I surprised.  And not ready. But here goes.

As if you didn’t know, when it comes to someone’s birthday, I raid everybody’s Facebook like a drunken sailor stumbling around looking for some kind of current shots. If I can’t find a photo of the person, well, I have to be inventive.  In this case, I struck out but when I get my act together, I’ll rob some current photos of Bob from somewhere and do an update.

The above was taken 8 years ago on his wedding day to my beautiful, talented niece Beth.  You may have seen it on an earlier blob – on Pearl Harbor Day when we talked about all the veterans in the family.

These are some of Bob growing up.














Robert Mitchell Brown was born in Virginia.  He’s a West Point graduate and also graduated from Naval Postgraduate School and Commander and Staff College.


He put in 28 years of active duty.  Career highlights included counter-intelligence in Germany for 8 years, served as United States Defense Attache to Armenia, and served in Somalia with the United Nations on a peacekeeping mission.

Bob, my niece Beth and their little persons, Virginia and Bill. all live in a huge, amazing house up on a hill in the desert.  They refer to it as “the fort”, but it looks and feels like it must have belonged to one of the early governors of Arizona. I’ll show you some of it next month on Bob and Beth’s anniversary.

On part of the property is a kind of Bob-and-Beth-built fantasy play-land complete with a cottage that has actually been used as a nursery school. Octo-woman may take up residence in it when they’re not looking.

Bob is actually still on active duty, but not in the military.  Their household makes ant hills look idle.  To say that they’re “active” is an understatement, and soon they’ll be introducing a new baby into the nest. Sometimes, Bob probably looks back on his military career as a life of leisure, but in spite of it all, somehow I think he’s still smiling.

Which brings us to this little clip from Bob and Beth’s wedding 8 years ago.
Please click on the link below:


Have a happy birthday, Bob!  Keep sharing the smile!

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3 Responses to 159. That Bob Brown Smile

  1. Cousin Denise says:

    I met Bob once at “The Fort”, and was completely impressed with both Bob and that home on the hill.

    Happy Birthday, Bob! Have a great day! (*waves* to Beth)

  2. Gretchen Covey says:

    Happy Birthday Bob. How fun to learn more about you. I hope to come to your home on the hill sometime. Congratulations of the growing baby. What a blessing.

    Mom, thanks again for bringing us closer to our extended family. What a great bunch of people.

  3. Linda Lewis says:

    Pat, I love the way you find happy, fun ways of sharing pix!
    One question..Why is it that men get more handsome as they age?!!

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