145. The Lioness Sleeps Tonight

Tonight I found myself typing my eBay password on the microwave oven.

Possible reasons:

1.  My brain is running on empty.
2.  My microwave is having a sale.
3.  I have been overzealous in my efforts to bid on a gently used HD camcorder.
4.  My new bifocals are disadvantaged.
5.  Somebody must have moved the kitchen into the office.
6.  The microwave kinda looks like a computer.
7.  The microwave kinda looks like the TV.  I had been trying unsuccessfully to change the channel to American Idol and when that didn’t work . . . .
8.  Or possibly, I need a vacation. Or I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Maybe I should call the doctor.

Actually, anybody who works at Ford Video and can’t handle PTSD is probably not worth their salt. At Ford Video, you’ve gotta have true grit. And if that means innocently hacking the microwave with invalid commands, then so be it.

Actually, it really wasn’t that bad  for me, but Susy edited without a break all day.  When it comes to work, Susy is a lioness.  At about 6 o’clock. she announced that come hell or high water, we were going to gird for battle and try, for once, to get the quarterly reports out on time.

In Washington State, Quarterly Reports is a tax-collecting ceremony which has to be conducted following  the end of every fiscal quarter. Incorporated businesses have to submit reports about the kinds of activities we engaged in and how much revenue came in, and then we have to give them all the money we earned.  It really hurts.

Speed is the only way to alleviate the pain.  Once the bookkeeping is punched into the computer, the reporting itself usually takes Susy and me together over two hours to get it posted to the city, county, state and federal computers. But not tonight.

There’s a kinetic statue in downtown Seattle called “The Hammering Man”.  Susy could have posed for it.  She went at that paper explosion with hammer and tong.  It was a breathless experience watching her and I struggled to keep the folders and data moving fast enough.

The iMac keyboard was smoldering, but in an hour and a half, the deed was done.  Thanks to Susy, a new record!  Of course, we don’t have any money left, but it was either that or jail.

Tonight, –  in honor of my pending nervous breakdown, –  I think I will get out the ole popcorn popper, make like a couch potato, and eyeball some Netflix movies with son Matthew. And possibly have a Macademia Nut Cluster.  Or three.

I can only hope the Hammering Gal is similarly curled up at her house. And that she gets some rest.  The lioness should sleep tonight.

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3 Responses to 145. The Lioness Sleeps Tonight

  1. Rene' Melchior says:

    Good job. There is nothing that feels better than a job well done. Then there is the upset stomache of knowing that it will be here to do again soon enough.

  2. Tim Fitzpatrick says:

    The taxing of labor and property is immoral. (There I said it before Chris could stop me.) Besides that it is a waste of paper.

  3. A relative says:

    Ha ha…. I feel more like an old cow than a lioness, but I did get some sleep over the weekend. Now, if we could only get those W2 forms to print off correctly we’d be back on track again. I really can’t wait to complete those exciting year end reports. We are not filing an extension this time…we are not filing an extension this time…..

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