121. Charlie Bit Me

Every now and then, work seems to interfere with blobbing.  Like tonight. Have to finish a video edit by morning.   No time to write but at least you’ll get a rest from reading!

Instead, in case you’ve never seen the “Charlie Bit Me” video, please join the rest of us 251,180,977 viewers who have already watched it.


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3 Responses to 121. Charlie Bit Me

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Just like a wet paint sign, we have to test to see if it’s true. I think we’ve all been tested by putting a finger into a baby’s mouth. Makes me flash to when I took my daughter to feed the ducks. There happened to be geese. She walked up to one to give it some bread. Chomp!! From then on, it was NO more feeding ANY type of feathered friends! Good thing Charlie was so cute about it or it could have been the last time Charlie got to even sit on his brother’s lap.
    I should give you a call. I’m still up, but had to read your blog before I went to sleep. I didn’t do anything miraculous, like video editing all night, but I DID manage to reclaim my family room by putting all Christmas tubs away. I’m getting ready for my 2nd NY resolution, that of working on my mound of photos for two months, instead of teaching skiing…17 years. It will be strange not to head up to the mountains every weekend.
    Now, on to my 1st resolution…that of reading archival copies of your blogs. Then sleep. Short night. And I’m not one to operate on all four burners with only five hours. …

  2. Gretchen Covey says:

    Video Edit all night? Mom, you are superhuman! You short posts are great too. It’s wonderful to hear wisdom and humor from you every day. There is no one in the world quite like you! I love you.

  3. Rene' Melchior says:

    This has been a favorite utbe video for awhile. My three year olds even have the accent down!

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