120. Linda’s Animal Crackers

Somewhere in my past life I may have met someone like our friend Linda Lewis but I don’t think so.  I’m pretty sure she’s one-of-a-kind.

Linda just started subscribing and participating in this blob three weeks ago.  You may have been reading her comments following recent posts.

Before I tell you what else she’s been up to, I should explain that among her regular daily activities, (1) she’s recently spent five weeks traveling back and forth to Portland helping her dad get moved to a new residence, (2) she entertained her daughters, grandchildren and friends for the holidays, (3) she continued business as usual at her world-class company, KEYTIME, which teaches typing to people of all ages and abilities, (4) she worked with Susy and me on producing updated versions of her video tutorials, and (5) she led the re-design of her website.    http://www.keytime.com

So it’s not like she has leisure time for much frivolity.  You can see why I was floored when she started reading the blob, and then announced that she had made a New Year’s resolution to complete the reading of every entry from the beginning. And she’s not only reading them, but she’s WRITING A COMMENT ON EACH.

I checked the word count on the blobs so far and, not counting the comments, it’s a little over 78,000 words.  That’s the equivalent of two short novels, or one really long one.

I’m really proud and grateful for Linda’s interest (and, by the way, for yours, too) and for her contributions to this magnus opus.  Which brings me around to the subject of today’s blob.

This morning she sent over this little video gem from the BBC One Channel.  I hope you can spare the four minutes it takes to watch it.  It’s a winner!

Thank you, Linda.  You’re a hero if there ever was one!

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3 Responses to 120. Linda’s Animal Crackers

  1. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    Leave it to you !!!!! Not only do you count cards, but you also count words. Don’t ever play poker with her. She plays dumb, like she doesn’t know how to play, but she always wins.

    I am glad to see and know about Linda. I kept meaning to ask you if I knew her. I thought it was the Cookie Linda. I enjoy her comments. One thing though, I beg to differ. Matt is my boyfriend, and I saw him first. Being his Aunt I have first choice.

  2. Linda Lewis says:

    Well, Joan, you’re in for a run on your money. I only live two blocks from Matt. I’ve set up board gaming with him in 2011 and have lots of time blocked out this year to be at his house with Pat and Suzy. Actually, Matt has a harem. We all went with him to see Avatar at the Science Center. What a charmer he is! His quick wit is right along with his Mom’s.
    …Speaking of…Pat, I wondered what in the world a title of Animal Crackers would bring. First I thought it would be about all the animal crackers you gave your grand kids, but then realized I’ve never seen a little red box of animal crackers around your home…dishes of irresistible individually wrapped bite sized chocolates, yes, but no little animal crackers. But then I saw who you wrote about….gasp….to think I was scanning my emails for business ones and always take the time to read yours, everyday! I’m still puzzled where you got that picture… untouched, unposed. I mean I never wear that vest, and only decided to see if I still wanted to keep it in my closet.
    Anyway, I did not entertain this Christmas. We could barely get into my livingroom with all the boxes from my Dad’s move. But, that did not stop us from having a warm, happy Christmas with my 99 year old Dad up here from Portland. He’s the one to write about, having to put up with me.
    Now, about words. How many have you written since the start of your blogging? …Remember, it’s one of the two New Years resolutions I made and I am going to be among the 10% to keep them.

  3. Gretchen Covey says:

    We all have noticed Linda’s thoughtful posts. I’m so glad that you introduced her formally. She has a big heart, loving smile and sparkling eyes.

    Great to blog with you, Linda! (I love the animal video that mom included in this blog!)

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