80. We Give Thanks

The happy little e-card above is courtesy of americangreetings.com.

Today’s the day we look back on the year and give thanks for all we’ve been given.  It may not have been a terrific year for some of us — in fact, as Queen Elizabeth might have put it, “It was an annus horribilis.”   But surviving it is one of our great blessings, as are the wonderful things that also happened, and as is our hope for what’s ahead.  Thank you, God.

Have you ever noticed that tongue-tied people can never talk about anything important without resorting to the quotations of others?  It’s a wonderful little ploy when words fail us.  The meaning of Thanksgiving Day is too monumental to put in the hands of an knothead like me so consider the following:

The pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts … nevertheless, they set aside a day of thanksgiving.
–H. W. Westermayer

Garrison Keillor on Thanksgiving:  It is the sheer gratitude for the fact that you have somehow, once again, navigated the treacherous channels of life and avoided the greasy hand of death and have not thrown your savings down a rat hole or contracted an insect-borne disease so rare they plan to name it after you.

And finally, one last one I like.

On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence.
–William Jennings Bryan

So that’s the blob for today.  Have a happy day, keep warm, don’t eat too much, and write if you get work.

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3 Responses to 80. We Give Thanks

  1. Linda Atkinson says:

    I am so THANKFUL for YOU!

    Gobble, Gobble,


  2. Tim Fitzpatrick says:

    I agree Linda! Octo-woman is a national treasure and I am thankful that she is in our lives.

  3. Rene' Melchior says:

    Thankful for all our family members, and especially Octo-woman, Patty, TiTi, Gwenie, Gewndalyn, Patricia, ect.

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