65. Snowflake Wedding

In Colorado, November 10th, 2002 was a perfectly fine day for a blizzard.  Or a wedding.

According to an old wives’ tale, if it snows on the day of the wedding, the bride and groom can expect to have fertility and prosperity. But it is bad luck for a bride to meet up with a lizard, funeral procession or a pig on her way to the church.

The nice thing about an evening wedding during a Colorado blizzard is that there aren’t many lizards, funeral processions, or pigs out on the streets.  In fact, the only creatures out and about that night were the wedding guests of my great-nephew, Corey Milner and his bride Rebecca Grainger.  They were married 8 years ago today in Colorado Springs during an avalanche.

Once past the snow drifts, it was a truly beautiful wedding. (Check out the photo montage at the end of this blob.)

At the wedding, Corey – who was a physicist at the time – announced wistfully, that he wished he could give up his job and follow the career Rebecca was engaged in.  As a high school teacher.  Of all things.

That happens to be the profession his dad Mark recently retired from.  And his mom –  my niece –  Chris, retired at the same time from her career as a kindergarten teacher. If any of Rebecca’s family were engaged in the same activity, those families are certainly contributing to the future of Colorado’s young folk.

Well, Corey did take the leap and became a teacher.  Chris told me that Rebecca and Corey are both teaching for Sierra High School in Colorado Springs.

Corey is teaching physics, robotics and math, and he coaches the robotics team.  (I’m counting on them to send me a friendly robot to do my yard-work soon.)

Rebecca teaches science and is head coach for the girls’ soccer team. They are each department chairs – Corey for Math and Rebecca for Science, so when Corey is teaching physics, Rebecca is kind of his boss.

Chris says they live in a great little house near the World Arena, and they have two dogs and a cat.  The Milners and their daughter Heather, son-in-law Dan Roecker, and their two little persons are having Christmas there this year. I hope they remember to bring their snow-shoes.

Here’s a photo montage of Corey and Rebecca’s wedding.  Appearing are oodles of Milners,  Graingers, Fitzpatricks, Melchoirs, and even me.  Corey is one of the performers in the group singing the second song.  It was a beautiful event.  Let it snow!

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2 Responses to 65. Snowflake Wedding

  1. Chris Milner says:

    Thank you for that fabulous reminder of a beautiful and memorable event… well documented by a sublime videographer! You are a treasure!! Love you!

  2. Joanne and Brian Grainger says:

    What a lovely reminder. Thank you for keeping all of those wonderful memories alive for us.

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