56. November Party-Time

Welcome to November. These are some of the things that will be happening to us this month.

We’ll recognize All Saints Day and All Souls Day, we’ll sweep leaves, turn the clocks back when Daylight Saving Time ends (unless you’re in Arizona – where the sun always shines), check the furnace, honor the veterans, celebrate Thanksgiving, and start procrastinating about Christmas.

And November is the birthday month for the following dudes:

Tom, Jeff, Carrie, Teresa and Katie Fitzpatrick, Cory Milner, and David Ford. If she’s reminded of anybody she’s forgotten, or if anybody is willing to contribute any photos, videos or anecdotes about those birthday babies, Octo-woman will present you with a valuable reward.  She doesn’t know what it is yet.  This way, she can be just as surprised as you are.

Here’s 20 more events that may be modestly celebrated in November. Please memorize them.  There’ll be a test at the end of the month.  On behalf of your boss, though, I have to inform you that these are NOT paid Holidays. Celebrate all you wish beforehand, but you are expected to arrive for work on time, neatly dressed, and perfectly sober.


  1. Michelangelo finishes the Sistine chapel and opens the doors to the public. (1512)
  2. Magellan is the first to sail around the tip of South America. (1520)
  3. Howard Hughes flies the ‘Spruce Goose’ for the one and only time. (1947)
  4. USA introduces income tax for the first time. (1913)
  5. Howard Carter finds open King Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. (1922)
  6. The Parker Brothers release the board game Monopoly. (1935)
  7. Marie Curie is born.(1867)
  8. Wilhelm Röntgen discovers x-rays. (1895)
  9. Garry Kasparov becomes the youngest world chess champion. (1985)
  10. The foundation stone is laid for the White House in Washington DC. (1792)
  11. The Church of England allows women to become priests. (1992)
  12. St. Brice’s Day massacre. King Ethelred ordered the killing of all Danes in England. (1002)
  13. The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) begins its radio transmission in England. (1922)
  14. Tim Berners-Lee publishes his blue-print for the World Wide Web. (1990)
  15. Albert Einstein publishes his paper explaining: E = mc². (1905)
  16. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. (1963)
  17. Charles Darwin publishes the Origin of Species. (1859)
  18. Alfred Nobel patents dynamite. (1867)
  19. President Franklin Roosevelt signs a bill establishing the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day. (1941)
  20. Pope Urban II announces the First Crusade. (1095)

That’s a lot of parties.  I know you’ll use moderation and good sense.  Right?

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