55. Monster Mash

Trick or Treat!

Today’s the DAY for all you Frankenstein wannabes!  Personally, I avoid wearing the ghoulish costumes.  I always go as the Great Pumpkin so I don’t have to change clothes.  Being round has its advantages. (BTW, the roundest Knight at King Arthur’s Round Table was named Sir Cumference.)

Today’s blob is a floor show presented by our family’s three sets of twins.  The matched pairs are my niece and nephew Denise Fortune and Dennis Fitzpatrick, my granddaughters Natalie and Joy Opsvig, and my great niece and great nephew Gigi and Jack Dudas.

Gigi and Jack are 5 years old, Natalie and Joy are 18 years old, and Denise and Dennis aren’t telling.  This is how they all looked when they were around 5 years old.





And here’s the floor show in their Halloween costumes.

Our characters play multiple roles along with a guest appearance by Simon Cowell.






You’ll be hearing more about these pairs on later blobs but I have to go now because the doorbell rang.  It is time for the Great Pumpkin to pass out the treats to the tricksters at the door.  I’ll try to save some for you.  Maybe.  If I don’t eat them first.

Meanwhile, have a Happy Halloween.

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3 Responses to 55. Monster Mash

  1. Natalie says:

    Grandma…did you forget Joy and I are twins? 🙂

  2. Joy Opsvig says:

    This is way, way too funny! Hahaha

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