37. Copy-editing

Before watching this, you might want to check out my sister Joan’s comment on “Term Paper Time.”

Now if you’re ready. . . . .


When we were little, I believed everything Joan told me.  Like how the king and queen lived in the Cedar Rapids City Hall.

Or how toilet paper was made from poop.  I was in second grade before I could bring myself to touch the stuff.

So as far as I’m concerned, if Joan says goingon80 is a blob, it’s a blob. She’s usually not too far off.  For instance, of course I realize now that the king and queen don’t live in the courthouse –  they live at the CSPS Hall.  But she was close.

And yes, I know. Toilet paper is NOT made from poop.  It’s made from sludge – a big white blob of it.  No wonder she confused it with what you’re reading.

So blob it is, Sis.  Good catch. I stand corrected.


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One Response to 37. Copy-editing

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Speaking of being gullible. I thought ANY thing in print, especially typed written letters, were true. When I was about ten, I saw my Mom reading a long letter and mentioned that I wasn’t sure if I could understand everything that was written, and that it was the truth, she laughed. My Mom laughed at me. Never before nor after did she laugh AT me. But, without saying a word, she got the point across. I wonder what my Mom would say about Blobs.

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