32. Annual Report 1959

And a Merry Christmas to you!

Oh, all right!  So it’s October.  Don’t be such a sorehead.  Some people just like to get an early start.  Or in my case a late start, since I haven’t sent out Christmas cards for the past 5 years or so.

The truth is, my husband and love of my life Gene always did our Christmas cards and since he died, I haven’t found the true grit to take over his job.  It was one he loved to do and I wish he was still here doing it.

I decided to show you the first one he produced 51 years ago – in 1959.  People always thought I was their author but my role was really minor.  I’m scanning it in sections so you can read it and so you can see the typos.  I don’t think he knew how to change the ribbon on the typewriter and in those days we had too many other things to change – like three at a time in diapers.

So here goes.

Thank you for reading this little annual report of the Ford Horde.  Joy to the world.

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3 Responses to 32. Annual Report 1959

  1. Gwennie says:

    So sweet. I miss Grandpa but what lovely memories he gave us to get by on.

  2. susy says:

    I love this christmas card. Dad is still making me smile.

  3. Linda Lewis says:

    Too bad video taping was not part of your life then. What a memoable event!

    Somewhere I read you had three in diapers. That was before Pampers. How did all those diapers get washed and folded, let alone socks on toes.

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